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Magic Bullets Handbook
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"The Ultimate "how to" Guide for Beginners in Pick Up"

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I think Magic Bullets is the ultimate "how to" guide for beginners in pick up. I only wish when I was flicking through thousands of pages of pretentious crap I had found the book. It breaks down the emotional progression model in absolute synchrony, giving you a perfect frame for an interaction with a woman or a set of women.

Not only this, but it has sections for more advanced techniques in game, for instance hired guns. I went to a strip club for the first time last week, and although I have read articles and heard some of my guys talk about stripper game, I got the majority of what I used in there from MB. I facebook closed 2 strippers and am still in contact with them.

Very good book, 5 out of 5 in terms of a pick up guide.
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