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Here we have a book that is a big departure from what other guys in the community come up with. A love the concept of seeing women as your teammates and not as some adversaries that you have to manipulate into getting what you what. They also what what you want. A lot of beginners might not really like it because it does not focus on techniques and strategies but more on the evolutionary psychology. It really might not even make sense to a lot of beginners but i can assure you when you have spent a while in the game and you have more understanding about it, when you come back to pick up this book, you would find out that the book makes perfect sense. That's what happened to me.
Yeah and by the way ... I disagree with the reservations the above editor made in his review about the quote " For a woman to feel attraction for a particular man, it’s absolutely essential that he have a higher perceived status than she does" I think if you really sit down and analyise exactly what he is saying there it would make perfect sense to you. Every single effective technique out there about how to attract women is based on this simple yet true principle. Please Editor I really would like to hear more about you really disagree about the quote because I just might learn a thing or two from it.
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Written by Brainbuster
July 05, 2013
I can't speak for the editor (you should probably email him directly),
but I've heard this also from Sinn.

In Sinn's Daygame seminar (DVD), 10SSA, Sinn says that the biggest lie in the seduction community is that "perceived high value" is important to get laid. Sinn walks up to women in the daytime and fucks them. She often knows next to nothing about him. He doesn't look "high value" to me. He doesn't try to DHV. He's just some guy walking around.

James Marshall also seemed to dismiss the idea of "displaying high value," in his talk at 21-Convention. James seemed to think that the idea was foreign to him...he already KNOWS he's valuable, as a human. Nothing like cars, previous girlfriends, an extravagant lifestyle, etc., can be more valuable than what he brings in his role as a mysterious stranger passing through town.

Most of the hottest girls I've personally fucked didn't have much of an idea of who I was. Sometimes there was lots of conversation, but it was about abstract things, or about her. We either connect on a deep level, or on a relaxed, chill level. They were horny and wanted to fuck. I was there, and I didn't push them away by being needy, desperate, nervous, etc. I moved things forward, not too fast, not too slow, but at the right pace (almost always in one night).

I've used DHV's, but I can't say for sure whether they've helped. They've probably helped, but I can also understand the perspective of the editor.

If you behave the way a "high-value" guy behaves, the high-value girl must assume you are high-value.
If you approach her with confidence, congruence, directness, then it can only mean you ARE high-value, and you are accustomed to being with high-value girls. No words are needed.
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