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Magic Bullets Handbook
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"I think this is both good and bad."

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The Good
It's good because it puts more practical information into the reader's hands; knowing how to story-tell, how to come up with good openers of all types, understanding relationships and what they take to keep them going, that is all golden nuggets that make it superior in my opinion to the VAH. Relatedly, Savoy constantly stresses honesty. I understand and agree with him to a certain extent. Yes, if you don't have a life that's congruent with your DHV stories, Your opener's aren't from experience, that can hurt. Not to mention that, we'd probably all agree that lying is bad. The downside is, if you're going to be honest and you're just starting out, I can see the average rAFC not having a lot of the lifestyle that lends to good DHV's. What I would have liked to see in this regard was a "Ok, don't lie, but if you have to do so in order to get started, here's how to do it believably". Phone game was always my weakest point. the chapter on phone game was a much needed addition I feel. In addition, the concept of transitioning was a much needed improvement on the ACS model. Overall the model is explained more thoroughly. Negs are given their proper place in the model.
The Bad
I felt that while Day game could have it's own book written about it, more would have been nice, at the expense of Sinn's "article" on Strip Clubs. Honestly, I want a stripper as much as the next horny bastard, and I think that's why I didn't like that chapter. It definitely feels like they added that chapter (which I won't give away what's in it) to increase the selling value to newbies. "Oh look, we also tell you how to get strippers!", when getting strippers as a green pua who quite possibly is also a virgin is way, way more advanced than approaching. Honestly, even a couple of pages on finding good venues and getting in with the staff would have been more useful. I also disliked the lack of canned material. Now, you can go to the forum, which is linked from the book and get canned material. But with all that talk about "don't use this example, let it come from your life" it sets a negative tone for the older, tried and true stuff. Maybe that's where things are going now, but I still think overused canned material is favorable to bad "real life" material.
I dug through it all last night. Here were my impressions:

MB is way broader in scope than VAH was. I think this is both good and bad.

On a technical aspect, the book is set up very user-friendly, with topics and bookmarks and that is both helpful and thoughtful.

And on a last note, buying the book is actually more like buying a subscription to it; you do get updates as the revise and add more material. Maybe my slight issues would be addressed, but if not the work still has a chance to grow and they give that to you without making you buy Magic Bullets II: Electric Giggalo next year.

I would say buy it, but make sure you understand that to be a pick-up artist, you have to go and do pickup. Find a Newbie mission on the forums, stick to it, and along with MB, I think you'll have a much easier time of getting into things.
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