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The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed
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"The First Publication on the Method that Made Pick Up Artistry a Science"

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The Good
Mystery's insights covered in the book are essential to understand for anyone who would like to meet women through cold approach and in particular in nightlife and large social event situations. Whilst there are other products that have taken much of its content (i.e. Magic Bullets from Love Systems, Revelation from Venusian Arts), this is somewhat of a collector's piece representing the original format of the methods that Mystery formulated and became famous for.
The Bad
This version is a bit dated now - nearly 10 years old and missing the later improvements. The book provides a basic introduction to the Mystery Method, and not a full conceptualization at the detailed level which is required to fully understand it. Buyer's should also be aware that it does not provide a complete solution for your dating life - it is targeted at taking the process from meeting a woman in a nightlife situation to sex. In reality there are no real downfalls of this product, it is a solid product.
The Bottom Line
This is a great value for money product. This version is nearly 10 years old now so is missing all the improvements and refinements that have been added since. If you are really focused on price, this is the cheapest option in "Mystery Method" books and courses.

Better and more up to date options of the Mystery Method include its later evolutions: 3SSA 2.0 (Mehow) (2013), Revelation (Venusian Arts) (2008), Magic Bullets Handbook (Love Systems) (2008) .


The second published version of the Mystery Method (the first was the Venusian Arts Handbook) is found in this book, written circa 2004 and 2005 and based on Mystery's activities between 2003 and 2004. Mystery, and others, have since published updated versions of the method - see below for details.

The Root of Many 'Indirect' Pick Up Artist Techniques
At its time of publication this book described a highly innovative and groundbreaking approach to dating and pick up that was unique in the market. The vast majority of instructors of pick up or dating have studied Mystery Method in some form or another. Many have integrated aspects of the concepts into their own methods, attesting to the esteem with which they are held.

Insights into Highly Effective Pick Up Artists (PUAs) Techniques
The book describes many of Mystery's well known innovations that are being used today by thousands of guys worldwide. The most well recognized of these are the 'neg', and 'group theory'. These techniques are extremely effective, as any successful pick-up artist will tell you and the book explains these well.
Readers should be aware that Mystery Method was developed for cold approaching in the nightlife environment, so it is most relevant for people who are interesting in meeting women in bar and club situations.

The Challenge - Implementing it
Mystery Method is a very intricate method for meeting and attracting women. It is a challenge to implement for a number of reasons.

1. It requires a significant time investment in going out to bars and clubs to practice the techniques 'in field'.

2. It's intricacy means that it requires more practice than other approaches to get good at it and make it effective for you. You will have to use the book as a reference guide, that you refer back to constantly after applying 'in field' in order to adjust and refine the way you implement the techniques.

3. Whilst the book explains to a high level of detail most of the techniques, there are subtleties that are not covered in this book, which could undermine the method's effectiveness if the student is not aware of them. These subtleties are described in a much better and more comprehensive fashion in the later more refined Mystery Method Courses.

Later Refinements in More Recent Mystery Method Courses
Since the original Mystery Method was published and created over 10 years ago there has been a fair bit of evolution. Three companies have continued to work on and refine the method including Venusian Arts (Mystery's company), Love System (Mystery's former company, now run by Nick Savoy) and Mehow (one of Mystery's most successful protégés). Each of these courses has evolved in a slightly different direction - but all have improved the system in their own way. These courses are:
The Bottom Line
Given the price of this book it is an exceptional deal, however it is a bit of an outdated version. This is the cheapest and best value for money option.

For the best content with the later refinements added in check out the different options. Depending on your style, one of these evolutions is likely to fit you better than the others: Mehow's 3SSA 2.0, Venusian Arts' Revelation or Love Systems' Magic Bullets.

As with all Mystery Method material, be warned. It is not easy to implement and requires a lot of effort. If you are only interested in improving your dating life in a more incremental fashion, and not interested in meeting girls in cold approach situations such as bars etc. then this is not the product for you.

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