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"WAY too complicated"

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i got like maybe 70 pages into this thing and i stopped reading it. Being good with women is simple, and this book is so complicated it makes it sound like a battle for middle earth. All i found out from the first 70 pages or so was the "science" behind it and frankly idc about it. It's boring as hell and i don't need some over analytical theory to tell me how to be good with women.

Also i REFUSE to take advice from a guy who literally dresses like it's halloween when he goes out. Idc what anyone says, that just spells try hard and weird to me.
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Written by AK
December 25, 2012
Hey man i realize your the only way with not such a great review i wondering man have you try to implements this stuff in real life? Just asking Man
Written by JRR
May 14, 2013
This book is not meant for beginners, and although you may find it hard to read and understand, you could try to get a coach or a mentor. Mystery is a great coach and with his knowledge, you can go way further with women then you have ever dreamed possible. If you feel Mystery has a unique style your very accurate, and frankly you could use a unique look, one that doesn't look like everyone else. So if you want a coach there are plenty out there, but I have yet to find one as good as Mystery.
Written by Brainbuster
June 25, 2013
What the hell does "idc" mean?
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