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2 Girls Teach Sex
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"The only sex product with real video demonstrations! "

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I was a total begginer. The first girl I really liked I lost her because it was just awkward during Sex.

She was dissapointed, I felt like a didn't really know why or what I had done wrong, and soon she broke up with me. It took me a long time to get over.

So needless to say I've gone through a lot of different sex products since and many are good, but the problem is they don't show any of the techniques. It's all stuff you have to read about to understand.

2 Girls Teach Sex, has real demonstrations, When I first got it, I spent about 45 minutes going through the content and I totally got it. This really isnt very hard, one you see it in action.

Shawna demonstrates a few positions, the 2" bigger missionary is amazing. Plus a couple other that totally work.

Plus her and Bobby, explain about being authoritative and having the right mind set... acting a like a man, and just doing it, no asking. It was complete confidence booster.

The next girl I hooked up with, I put in the 3 positions main positions 2GTS shows, and it was crazy. She went nuts... like the animal came out of her! And afterwards, her voice had changed into this super sweet girl who was looking at me like I'm the best man she's ever known.

So anyways I had a complete turn around. This stuff works, all these products are pretty good, but 2GTS shows you what you need to know, and is the quickest to digest and easiest to understand.

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Written by Brainbuster
July 23, 2013
Your headline is incorrect.

There are many sex guides with video demonstrations...even with porn stars. For example Nina Hartley has a few on eating pussy with her and her porn star friends demonstrating. One of her videos is on this site, How To Eat Pussy Like A Champ.

Also Squirters 2 comes to mind.
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