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This is an amazing program, the natural and wonderous evolution from David's Advanced and Mastery programs. Why? It's the first Deangelo program to focus on higher ideals: i.e. being of service to others, the final fulfillment of the "real man" that's been built in prior programs. It MAY be a tricky thing to tackle until you have some of David's "basics" covered from prior materials, which are really his distillation of a lifetime of reading books on self improvement, from people like David Deida to a WHOLE bunch more.

Can you START here? I say give it a shot. You might well be served by previous programs, but if you began here I don't think you'd be going too wrong.

As David says in this program:

"When your focus is on actualizing yourself, the best you that you can be, and on maximum CONTRIBTUION, giving your greatest gift, whatever that is, most other things take care of themselves, and you become 10 or 100 times as powerful and attractive as a man and a person.

When you change your paradigm from "get" -- beyond "giving" even, to making a contribution -- and even go beyond "fair" relationships, where you give a little more than you get -- and develop into the greatest "me" you can be, actualizing your gifts, and contributing to the maximum level that you can, you become like a lighthouse on a dark night. You beam. You become so magnetically attractive that people just want to be around you. And when this happens you will find that you will have more amazing women around trying to get with you than you will know what to do with.

This is truly David DeAngelo at his very best.

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