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Magic Bullets Handbook
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"Reverse Engineering Natural Seducers"

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This book was designed as a primer into a whole system of connected ideas and practices regarding how to learn what makes a woman attracted to you as an individual and then how to progress from that attraction towards the final of goal of sex or even a relationship. As the author acknowledges very quickly in the book, the title of the book is somewhat ironic in that there is no one true system or surefire way to attract women, if only because every woman, man, and situation involved in attraction is completely unique with its own dynamic. That is the first lesson anyone reading this book should realize and internalize very quickly…don’t expect to get the one key that will unlock the iron door beyond which all the initiates have attained perfection in their dating and sexual lives. This is only the first step in changing and improving many aspects of your life and how you wish to see it unfold.

As a primer, it necessarily has to paint broad strokes in order to bring a reader into its system as well as providing some concrete examples and exercises. As an introduction to a system, some may be disappointed that it doesn’t give the reader a set of wizardly “spells” to attract women to you effortlessly. But, if you can look beyond those expectations and consciously view the book as the first step toward improvement, then the book takes on new importance as the foundation for continued progress. At the very least, it introduces you to many vocabulary terms and building block concepts for later Love Systems material. As mentioned before, mileage does vary on where you the individual is at in terms of both abstract and practical knowledge of game. At the most abstract level, it should help you put yourself in the mentality of the woman and what her goals and thought processes are. In real-life game theory (the kind used in economics and business) one of the key attributes of success is the ability of the strategist to place himself into the mind of his competitor in order to predict and see things from their point of view. At the very least, take this book as a way of beginning to see how women view the process of attraction and seduction, and therefore you may gain insights into the mindset of your “opponent” in order to get to your goals; which ultimately should lead to an interaction that is mutually satisfying for both parties at some level. (Even if the woman’s goals are different once an interaction moves beyond the actual sexual encounter.)

So, if you view this book as a spellbook, you will be disappointed…but you were most likely disappointed beforehand in your personal life anyway and therefore you lose nothing. If, however, you view it realistically as the first step on a process and journey of discovery and improvement, then Magic Bullets is a good, positive book toward beginning that change that you seek in your life.
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