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Magic Bullets Handbook
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"If you have the drive, this will give you what you need to succeed"

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As i first read through Magic Bullets i was overwhelmed with how much information was given to me and how i was going to use it, was i going to deliver this information to the target with perfect body language, is my voice tone right, am i fashionable enough, how will i remember what to say when a girl puts me on the spot with an uncomfortable question???????
Because on the first flick through, Magic Bullets gave me material for all of these subjects and more. After a lot of thought and great support from Love Systems instructors, which they provide after buying a product, i decided i would use this information one step at a time.
If you struggle with approach anxiety, or just dont know what to say then the book will give you some great lines.
I've only been in 'the game' for very little time but my confidence has shot through the roof after reading Magic Bullets.
In saying that though, if you are not going to go out and practise what is taught, all the time, without hesitation then your going to get no where. What is the use of knowing something if your not going to use it.
Some lines, routines and stories suggested will probably not suit you, maybe even most of them will not. But i can guarentee at least one will, and what more do you need then knowing how to perfect the one routine and succeed every time.
It also touches on things like "the phone game", "winging", "dates, "stripclub game".
There is something in there to suit anyone.

I have definitely not looked back on my purchase, they way i look at it is you only live once, so get in, grab it, read it, pursue it out of your comfort zone...........or go out every weekend, being jealous of the guy who has 9's and 10's hanging off him, and wondering why it cant be you. IT CAN! so grow some balls and get into it. A man values another man more who is surrounded by attractive women!
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