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Models: Attract Women Through Honesty
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"Signals the Evolution of Dating Advice (or Pickup Theory) with a Mature Approach"

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Personally I come from a background of having used Pickup Theory and Dating Advice to improve my dating life and I've done so successfully. Needless to say I know from personal experience what works and what turns out to be utter bullshit. I don't have to read any of this stuff no more, but from time to time, if a new book comes out I still enjoy reading it. I do it to see what new stuff the book brings to the table (which is often not much new under the sun) and it always gives me a good push in the back to continue to improve myself.

But this book is something totally different than what I've been coming across for a long time. I found this book to be so good that I wrote this same review on and wrote DSR personally to write a review about this book as I wondered how close it would get to their top ten picks. Mainly because I think this is one of the best if not the best book for guys who are just starting out. Any guy who asks me what book to read, I'll advise him to start of with this book right here. Because I know that they'll start of in good hands.
I'd describe the book as: very good for an understanding of the basics of how attraction works, very mature, evolved and shedding a crystal clear light upon how dating and pickup advice affects men today. For example Mark clears up the issues around certain pickup advice being useless for newbies who can't calibrate, since a lot of PUA advice disregards differences in demographics, people, lifestyles, values etc (even though he sometimes uses extreme examples to get his point across, I still understand the essence of what he tries to convey).
Whats important about this is that it will keep a lot of men from getting frustrated as a lot of beginners tend to implement pick up stuff on (1) the wrong people in (2) the wrong places with (3) the wrong intentions and (4) with wrong ways of measuring succes or growth and thus (5) end up with more frustrations than before. So much that he writes makes so much sense and I found to be true looking back at my journey to succes with the honeys.

This book then continues by showing a quality roadmap to improve your lifestyle, you anxiety or social disconnectedness and then your communication skills. Mark gives theory and then practical guidelines It all comes together really good and is very coherent. His casual writing style makes the book very accessible for you to read. I flipped through the pages easily for hours since this was such a pleasant reading experience. Indeed there are a lot of grammar errors throughout the book but that doesn't outweigh the quality of advice given in Models for one bit.

Mark's book clears up a lot of issues men encounter when trying to get better with women (with quiet hilarious examples). It disenchants you from all kinds of pickup taboos. It's is very authentic and comes back to the undeniable truth that you have to develop yourself as a man in order to attract quality women. It is about honest communication and expressing yourself freely instead of using countless gimmicks (even though some of them are very effective and may work in the framework of honest communication, which he explains all throughout the book). Models provides a very good roadmap for developing both your inner gamer as well as cultivating specific necessary skills needed to get results with women quickly. I'd say try acting on the plan that he provides in here for a while before you consider taking a Pickup Bootcamp. I've been on two of those and even though I'm not gonna disclose wether you'll really benefit from those or not, I can say that you really want to find out if you need something like a bootcamp before spending so much money. I think this book if a great way to find this out for yourself.

I think this book is a GEM for any man dedicated to improving his love live. And I firmly believe this book will help out a lot of men who are already trying to implement dating advice but are struggling with it.
And I'm convinced that Mark's book brings a fresh breath of air in the evolution of pickup material and is FAR more realistic than a lot of advice out there.

I'm no friend nor contact of Mark, but when I appreciate something that I know works and has been put together with heart, authentic intentions and real expertise, then I support it so that it can do a lot of good for it's intended purpose.
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