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The only thing you'll really get out of the basic package is the knowledge that not all strategies work with all women. Also the description of different personality types are lacking in one respect, namely that these personality types are archetypes, and that a woman may have a personality that belong to two or even more of the types mentioned. Neither does it take into account that traumatized women may act contrary to the personality type they naturally belong to. Yes, there are a lot of useful truths in the package, but it is more or less useless if reality becomes a little too complex. Yes, you may be a little more successful in picking up dates, but in the long run a woman is an expert in finding out that you're simply acting her type of man without naturally being one. All in all, it's just a big scam like the rest, and not really useful for nothing. -You'll just as easily get by with women if you're smart and have social skills above the average.
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