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Secrets of 5 Minute Chemistry
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"Attraction/Connection explained. This is why girls have crush on their best guy friends."

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Really help get pass newbie's sticky point. Very natural.

Explain the whole sense of connection which, I believe, is many guys's problems. You may develop that "cool badass character" or get girls laugh like Dane Cook which both are great things, gain respects from your boys, get girls interested just from your body language and even get laid(s) but you can't be in relationship cuz there's no sense of connection.

The part I really like is him talking about being the dancing monkey. You know, trying to be the center of the attention and not being actually cool, not being yourself. Attentions are not always good attentions, they might be pathetic attentions. And like being the try hard, trying to perfect the comebacks instead of just trusting yourself cuz seriously if you look at the naturals or unnaturals like sinn himself, they're no perfectionists. Some of them even less witty,funny than most men but women still can't get enough of them. And the opposite of love is not hate but apathy (No love. No hate. No interest. No concern. Nothing.) And how you gotta be interested in what you say. And that original openers don't get you much advantages from proven openers anyway. The best part are confidence,masculinity and "never run out of things to say again" straight to the point. But I won't spoil anymore.

This fits for all you guys. Newbies. Pro PUAs. Players.

For newbies, get this product, read stuff on seduction-intuition, ezinearticle. By price, much much worth than LoveSystem's interviews.
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