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The 4 Elements of Game
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"This eBook is amazing, but only if you apply the 4 elements to yourself."

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If you read this book mindlessly from start to finish, you honestly won't get much out of it. But seriously if you step back after you read it and think about how these elements apply to your past and present relationships with women, you'll see exactly what you did and are doing wrong. You'll develop a new, effective mindset for your relationships. You'll think in terms of how you unbalanced one element was when something went wrong, and how you balanced all elements when you had success. And if you're unsure about how to fix that unbalance, the book is right there to help you. In whatever situation you may be in - single, dating, or in a relationship - this book is more than effective in solving your problems and improving your relationships.

I have an example that proves that this book can help with past relationships. This book helped me realize what I did wrong with my ex-girlfriend - I had too much drive and I didn't connect with her enough to balance that drive (You will completely understand what I mean once you read the book). She told me I came off as condescending and I didn't respect her when she told me to stop pushing it too far. Rob Judge explains how to kick back your drive element and stay in touch with your connection element. If I had this book back when I was in that relationship, I would've learned how to balance my elements and save that relationship. But it's okay, because now I know what to do for my next girlfriend.

I also used this book for women I approach now. One quote from the book is, "Make a choice right now: you will live in reality, not hope." What Rob helps you realize is that a lot of men who are not in touch with their element of drive tend to "hope" that someday they would be amazing at talking and attracting women. But the fact is, to make that a reality instead of creating that story for yourself in your own head, you need to approach girls and find out the truth. I'm telling you from experience: the reward completely outweighs the risk. This helped me completely and since I read the book and applied it to myself, I've been getting numbers, make outs, dates, and lays. I just needed to balance my drive element.

Seriously, if you're having trouble with women right now, it's because your elements are unbalanced. When you read this book, you will discover what elements you are lacking, and which elements you have too much of. Once you discover those elements, Rob Judge tells you the best ways to fix it. And it works like magic.
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