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Pandora's Box System
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"Pandora's Box System - A Man's Guide to the Female Mind"

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The ads for Pandora's Box gives off the impression that if you ask women these magical three questions, they will be helpless to do anything but fall madly in love with you, and chances are she will have sex with you right there and then. This is a massive case of "too good to be true."

So the first problem with the system is the obvious, the ads are exceptionally misleading. While they purposely make it seem like ask three simple questions and make women fall in love with your (I am pretty sure most ads use those exact words) what the system teaches is (according to the system) all women have three different independent value systems. And each one will (according to the system) suggests what that woman is looking for in a man/relationship.

So each "question" is not a question you can ask a woman but rather questions you must find out about the woman.

The Second problem is, the system says to seduce a woman you need to find answers to the 3 questions, but it does not give advice on how to do so. And these are EXTREMELY personal questions, many (if not most) women if you asked them these questions directly would lie, thus defeating the purpose.

The Third problem with the system is it is mostly just rainmaking, every step of the way it asks for more money. The system in itself that you pay for, the system that is suppose to have three simple questions (which are anything but simple), this system according to the ads is suppose to be all you need to get with any woman you desire. However after you buy the system, Dicarlo is quickly telling you how to get girls you need to buy more videos and coaching tapes and a lot of other junk.

I jump off all "systems" at that point (if I can before that point).

Pandora's box is at best misleading and at worst a flat out lie. If the price of the starter kit was lower I might be willing to recommend fun little guide on understanding women better, but $70, come on! You can get better info from Barnes and Noble for under $30. (Hell under $10 used.)
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Written by dsadas
May 04, 2013
I was just watching the ad you are talking about, and was tempted to buy.. even though I know there isn't a shortcut in real life!
Thank you for your review.
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