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Myths and Masters of the Game
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I got a newletter email from Nick Savoy, the head of Lovesystems. Everyone in the community supposedly were talking about this controversial book that is coming out. I had never heard about it so I started googling. Savoy even linked to the books homepage.
There I read the book followed six aspiring pickup artists who were coached by different pickup companies during eight weeks in Project Rockstar. I ordered the book and read it.

It was really disappointing. Project Rockstar is sponsored by Lovesystems and the other pickup companies were local companies from London I had never heard of except Sasha PUA.

The book follows the six guys from newbies until their "epiphany" about game.
Where The Game was a fun and captivating read this book fail because it mostly focuses on Lovesystems instructors and Lovesystems theories, which by the way don't differ that much from Venusian Arts. Neil Strauss did write down Tyler Durden but he also wrote about his own faults and other peoples hight and lows.
The author, Adam Brown, isn't even in this book. He is just an observer and he seems to know everything he knows about the community through Lovesystems.

I never feel for any of the six guys who go through the program. There are definately some good information for the newbies but it isn't good enough and nothing new.

The instructors Mr M, Vercetti and Jeremy Soul are almost described as gods. I wish there would have been other major companies in the book like RSD, Venusian Arts, David Deangelo and more.
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