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Push Button Dating
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The programs exclaims a lot that it doesn't deliver. The programs main focus especially with profile design is on Myspace which is different from dating sites. Race doesn't give much on profile design for for dating sites, his examples are all the same throughout 3 sites, he gives you three openers but states in the home page "many more" which makes you believe there is a lot. The statement copy/paste is deceiving. There isn't much to copy/paste and not much direction on constructing openers except a reference to a stupid website for ideas. If your profile isn't working there isn't much help to fixing it. There is also no difference from the Mastery course and the regular course, just a charge of 50 dollars a month. The forum is based on nonsense that don't apply to online dating. There is suppose to be weekly updates in the Mastery section which doesn't happen, so your paying 50 bucks for Race to take his time. And most of all, if you email Race with your issues and he feels offended by your disappointment, instead of helping you, he rather defend his program with evidence that isn't tangible and than offer to give your money back and send you on your way. It's actually the one of the reason I'm posting on here. These guys say they study social behavior, but a lot of them don't know how to behavior themselves.
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Written by tnk
June 30, 2016
I think you're talking about his old book called Window Shopping for Women.His new book is improved.
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