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How to Get All the Korean Women You Ever Wanted
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"Not Much Specific Advice on Korea, Too Much High Level 'General Dating Advice'"

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The Good
Doesn't teach some Western techniques that can sabotage you with Asians, some small nuggets of insight into Korean culture
The Bad
Doesn't cover very much specifically on Korean women or their culture, some general dating advice that is better got from the original sources
The Bottom Line
This book isn't very useful - there are a few nuggets here and there for men with no experience of Asian women - but you have to wade through general dating advice to find them.


There is a need for specific dating advice that helps men with cultures other than their own - especially where it comes to the East - West divide. Many western men are interested in Asian women, but as I've seen many times, can't translate their dating skills with western women to the East.

This is the only book that targets Korean women specifically, but unfortunately it is pretty weak.

A Good Point for the Beginner
If you are new to dating advice (haven't read anything before, especially from the pick up artist community, in a way you are lucky where it comes to Asian women. A lot of the techniques recommended in the West either don't work, or worse, completely bomb your chances with a woman.

Here lies one benefit of this book. Overall it doesn't try to teach you the things that won't work. Techniques like negs and cocky and funny for instance backfire terribly in Asia. There are exceptions, but for anyone 'still learning', these are irrelevant.

Is this a Full Dating Advice System or Some Specific Dating Advice for Koreans?
The book talks about other dating advice like that of Mystery and David DeAngelo - sometimes seems to assume you have read it, at other times urges you to get it.

At the same time it provides basic advice that was popularized by these dating coaches, but because it hovers over it - it misses a lot of the depth out.

The end result is that this product is mediocre compared to t This leaves it in the middle, not adding much overall value. It doesn't provide the detail and value of the original materials and also doesn't give specific advice that would've been new and valuable on Korean advice...

What About Korean Women?
While this book says it is targeted at Korean women, unfortunately it has very little information about them. In the Korean Women culture extra it started to provide some interesting information, and just as I felt it was warming up - it finished.

More importantly it tells you very little about what doesn't work with Korean women (from typical Western approaches). It hints at it here and there, and talks about a few social dynamics, but provides very little detail - it skims the issues. In general, this is part of the issue with the overall book - there isn't much depth to it. It skips quickly over topics, not providing much value on any one of them.

It wets your appetite instead of really getting into it and giving you the full details.

The result: mediocre.

The Bottomline
This book isn't very useful - there are a few nuggets here and there for men with no experience of Asian women - but you have to wade through general dating advice to find them.

It suffers from a lack of innovation and a 'content' targeting problem that I've seen many products suffer from lately. The writer saw that there is a gap in the market to teach men about Korean women (and Asian women in general).

While it doesn't provide specific Korean women advice, Secrets of Dating Asian Women will provide you far more insights than this book (Hint: Korean women are similar to Japanese women).

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