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Okay, here it goes. What most of you must be thinking is: does it work? My answer is yes and no. The good thing about this product is that, like it says, its a great eye opener. It gives you some very good tips about general female psychology, and what exactly women want in life. After studying it, female behaviour will stop being such a huge mystery, which will grant you peace of mind and self confidence, no more "I dont understand women stuff". At least if you´re a little bit smart.

Now, this can be quite helpful for developing healthy relationships, the negative part is that the product overrates itself way TOO MUCH. You wont have absolute power over a female, nor you will be able to attract ANY WOMAN YOU WANT, you´re gonna develop some very useful skills, yes, but you wont become a love and passion god, like the product says.

I know what you´re thinking "But Rodrigo, all products overrate themselves a little bit". Yes, but in this case they are promising something just too big. You dont spend that huge amount of money just to know some cool facts about female´s mind, you spend it because you think its gonna turn you into a semi-god, something it doesnt do. And this happpens because the 8 types of women they talk about are just too general, and everything mostly depends on how you develop your own skills and your own personality, something that no book or dvd can do.

So, is it worthy? Depends on what you´re looking for, I have to admit that when I had my first contact with Pandora´s System I was extremely expectful, and really wishing that everything that it said on that long intro video was true, sadly it isnt. It helped me realize that there aint no bulletproof method. If you´re looking for a general and useful view on female´s mind, then I would say yes, you should get it. But if you´re looking for anything else, you´re just wasting your time.
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