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2 Girls Teach Sex
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"Great Easy and Practical Learning for the Less Sexual Experienced"

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The Good
Good step by step demonstrations of effective sexual positions, a lot of practical advice that is simple enough for anyone to understand and use, easy to learn from 'edutainment' factor.
The Bad
Slightly confusing order of DVDs, DVD #3 on squirting not as good, less innovative techniques than the advanced products on the market.
The Bottom Line
We recommend this program for beginners and guys with less experience because you get to see the demonstrations and the information is kept simple, but effective.

In fact, the less experience you have, the better this program will be for you vs. other sexual training programs. So be truthful with yourself - if you don't have a lot of experience or really don't feel comfortable with sex try this product out before one of the more advanced programs (e.g. Female Orgasm Blueprint or Revolutionary Sex) - you'll get better results.


You receive the 2GTS (2 Girls Teach Sex) DVDs by post - mine came pretty quickly with a few days although I was on the other side of the world at the time. They come with some nice packaging and a good introduction letter to explain what you have bought. There are 6 DVDs in total, which took me about a day to get through.

This is the second time we've reviewed this product as they made updates and changes to the original DVD set based on customer feedback.

An Easy to Watch Course
2GTS have taken advantage of the use of porn stars to make their course more entertaining and easily watchable. Throughout the DVDs they make a lot of effort to keep things interesting, down-to-earth and combine the education with a bit of entertainment (edutainment).

This works well and is a nice addition (obviously based on customer feedback) since the original version of these DVDs. This differentiates the product from others like The Female Orgasm Blueprint and Revolutionary Sex which are more technical/ advanced and feel more like an actual course, requiring a "study mindset" to get the value from them.

2 Girls Teach Sex will appeal to more men who may be less 'studious' and as such it is a more mainstream product than its competitors.

However, don't write this product off for just entertainment - there is a lot of learning embedded within it.

You'd be mistaken to consider this as soft porn or entertainment only, Bobby Bradshaw actually mentions this several times throughout the DVDs and basically begs the viewers to keep the sound on and not just watch the naked ladies inside.

This made us chuckle, but it's a good point. Yes, there are naked girls in this course, but hey, they are porn stars, just google their name and find their porn movies if that's what you want. This is still a course, watch it at least once with the sound on to get all the sound advice.

Multiple Orgasm Methods (DVD #1)
This DVD is split into two sections, a seminar and demonstrations. In the seminar two porn stars (Tori Black, Jazzy Berlin) and Bobby Bradshaw, the 2GTS host, basically go through a FAQ of multiple orgasms that is pretty comprehensive and very helpful.

It's helpful for most men, most of all for men who have doubts about their abilities where it comes to orgasms and multiple orgasms. Every man has some of these doubts, and many are basically clueless about the whole thing and will learn lots here.

After having watched this seminar you should feel a lot more relaxed about multiple orgasms (and orgasms) and what you should do with your girl to get them. It's kept pretty simple, which is always a good thing.

Tori Black takes a strong lead giving 80% of the advice in this section, with Jazzy Berlin adding her bits in here and there. This is a pity, because Tori is obviously a harder type of girl who likes strong sex, while Jazzy has a more sensitive side. It would have been great to get more advice from Jazzy to better illustrate the differences between women that you may encounter. Having said that Tori is careful to keep in mind that girls are all different and pushes this theme a lot and give examples of how women differ.

A note: At one point Tori says "some relationships last a long time simply based on multiple orgasms." It is true that many relationships will last longer based on 'good sex' alone, however remember that sex isn't the be-all-end-all in relationships, so keep that in mind. This is explained in the DVD also at various points, but we thought we would mention it here as well.

Demonstrations are good, slow, and with some sound advice. For beginners I'd suggest watching them many times and going back to them, as you may miss out details when you are in the moment with sex.

Shawna and Jessica do these demonstrations - girl on girl sex. Using a strap on dildo to mimic the movements of a girl. Remember though that they are only demos. They will be useful for the beginner but they are also mechanical because it's a teaching segment - "do this, then transition to that, then move your hand to position x, etc". Very sound moves but remember over time to do your own thing and be spontaneous.

Advanced Sexual Positions (DVD #2) and Forbidden Secrets (DVD #4) / (DVD #6)
DVD #2 teaches you a list of sexual positions via demonstrations given by 2 girl porn stars (one wears a strap on dildo to perform the job of the man). Instructions are given step by step with Bobby Bradshaw talking through what the girls are doing and the benefits.

It's very instructional given that it is visual and you are walked through each part of the position and they also discuss when during sex making it is most appropriate (given that some positions are less practical for long durations). It's a lot better than any of your traditional sex demonstration videos you may have seen on the market. The positions are overall well chosen to get 'results' - watch, practice and perfect these moves and you'll already be in the top 5% of men, if not the top 1%.

On DVD #4 you get introduced in a seminar with Bobby Bradshaw and Jessica into psychological techniques and you are explained the concept that good sex is 'psychological', especially for women. An very important point.

The techniques are based on the system P.A.V.E. which is a modified version of the Sex God Method system (Bobby Bradshaw originally worked at Sex God Method). P.A.V.E. has been simplified down and made more accessible.

P.A.V.E. is definitely easier to learn than Sex God Method and it tends to focus on the 'quick wins'. The easy things you can do to improve your sex life, so you benefit from the simplification Bobby Bradshaw has brought to the system. P.A.V.E. is explained in down to earth everyday language, and anyone should be able to make use of it.

The best aspect of this seminar is the fact that Bobby makes a point of always bringing the topics down to a practical level. No matter your sexual experience, Bobby's attention to the details will ensure you understand and can implement this material.

On DVD #6 you get a PDF of the book "Animal Orgasms" which goes through the whole course in ebook format. It is basically the same material you've seen in all the DVDs, but there for you to read if you prefer that format. It's probably most useful as a reference tool to go back to to remind yourself of points (so you don't have to go back to watching the DVDs each time).

The Squirting Orgasms Training (DVD #3)
For this training you meet "Hunter" who is a 'squirter' from the porn industry. There is an interview with her and then a demo with Shawna Lenee stimulating her.

This DVD is the least useful in the package. "Hunter" is not well positioned to give great advice on this because she is a natural squirter and there are very very few women like this. Unlike Tori Black she seems to lack a good understanding of other women to be able to overcome this fact in her training.

Squirting can be achieved with virtually all women based on my experience, but it DOES require specific techniques, and sometimes 'awakening her squirting ability' which takes a bit longer.

The techniques required are a lot more than is shown here, and there are several training programs that teach it properly. The best is "Squirting Orgasm Mastery", also by 2 Girls Teach Sex, and led by Marcus London - a porn star who made a name for himself giving women squirting orgasms.

Having said this, Bobby Bradshaw makes some important points in this video and positions it well - "you shouldn't get hung up about having to get a girl to squirt". Squirting is a nice to have and something which is very rare for girls to have experienced and not all girls enjoy. Shawna herself says in this video that she has never had a squirting orgasm - and she's a porn star!

So watch this DVD for optional entertainment factor and consider squirting an extra tool in your toolbox, but don't obsess over it or make this your priority - especially if you have yet to master the basics.

Customer Service Data Points and Guarantee
From what we've seen 2 Girls Teach Sex Inc is a professionally-run company and they honor their money back guarantee. They told us in January 2012 that they have a team of 7 people working on customer service and their refund rate is about 4.5%. For reference that's a respectable low return rate, so obviously most customers are happy with their purchase.
A Reordering of DVDs May Help Your Learning Experience
2GTS have revised this product since the original version based on customer feedback. This included adding new parts, and taking out others. This has improved the program considerably, however one side effect is that the ordering of the DVDs could be a little confusing for some people. An example is that in the first DVD the P.A.V.E. system is mentioned quite a few times although you haven't yet seen any information about it because it is covered in DVD #4.

It's not a big issue. If you find it a little confusing when you get started, try watching it in this order, that way you'll learn each part before it is mentioned:

  1. DVD #4 Forbidden Sex Secrets
  2. DVD #1 Multiple Orgasms Method
  3. DVD #2 Advanced Sexual Positions
  4. DVD #5 Shawna Lenee interview
  5. DVD #6 Animal Orgasms (PDF eBook)

I've left DVD #3 out because it doesn't contain very helpful advice, you should consider it optional viewing.

A Word on the Porn Star Demographic
Some of the girl porn stars give you advice on what girls like, how important sex is to women etc. throughout the program. A lot of what they say is true - it is out of most men's comfort zones to think that sex is so important for girls, but it can be. However… keep in mind that these girls are porn stars and from a very specific biased demographic with respect to attitudes towards sex.

At one point Jessica says for instance "Sex is 98% of a relationship, the rest is 2%. If you are really good in bed nothing else really matters."

Don't take this too seriously. Realize that women have different motivations and that sex is always important no matter what they say (including what "normal, good girls" say). However... saying that nothing else is important, depending on the girl and her attitudes, will lead to a lot of negatives in your relationships with women. They won't be happy, will eventually leave you despite the good sex etc.

Simply put: Sex is very important to relationships - so study it and get it right to get more out of your relationships and keep them healthy and strong. It's essential. But don't neglect the rest, because you'll find that relationships with most women don't last and don't stay healthy, if based purely on sex.

Want to Watch Shawna Lenee?
I know that some guys will be attracted to this product because of Shawna Lenee.

So here's the run down of her part in the program. Shawna Lenee appears in three of the DVDs.

  1. She demonstrates some sexual positions in DVD 1 with Jessica
  2. An interview with her for 45 minutes on DVD 5
  3. In a demonstration and discussion of squirting orgasms with "Hunter" (DVD 3: squirting orgasms)
The Bottom Line
The highlights of this program are:
  1. It has visual demonstrations that you can watch so you know what to do (it's the only program we've reviewed that has these)
  2. It has porn stars acting and talking in it (do you like porn and porn stars? maybe you'll feel more comfortable and stay more engaged watching this than something more technical with more theory)
  3. The advice is kept very simple yet actually has some quite advanced techniques
  4. Edutainment factor - if you dislike studying you'll find this product better for you and easier to learn from

For these reasons, we recommend this program for beginners and guys with less experience. Actually seeing the demonstrations and the fact that the information is kept simple will get you some good results, and help you to avoid making all the early mistakes.

I'll go further to say the less experience you have, the better this program will be for you vs. other programs e.g Female Orgasm Blueprint. Female Orgasm Blueprint is more advanced but also more complex, and a lot of the advice might fly over your head if you are 20 years old and only had sex with 2 or 3 girls.

2 Girls Teach Sex would be a good program to watch at that level to quickly and easily cover all the basics. You can then graduate to a more advanced course such as Female Orgasm Blueprint or Revolutionary Sex later after getting some practice under your belt.

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