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Social Circle Mastery DVD
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"Excellent - This Should be Everyone's End Goal"

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The Good
Well structured, clear, effective and 'motivational'. This is the best and most advanced program currently available to improve your dating AND social lifestyle.
The Bad
Nothing bad - just additional areas that could take it to our highest rating 'spectactular'. More situational advice on clubs and dealing with more specific situations would aid implementation.
The Bottom Line
If you have dating skills, it would be a waste not to take your game to this level - it should be the end goal for everyone. This is the best current program on building a dating asset in your life: a social circle and the lifestyle that goes with it.

Caveat: If you don't already have reasonable dating skills - don't jump on this till you do. You won't be able to implement the strategies without the basic dating skills.


This is a program designed to take your dating skills to a much higher level by creating a social lifestyle that feeds your dating life. It requires you to modify and change a lot of what you have learned about dating skills and use them to 'enrich' your life, both generally, and in dating women terms (whether it be getting the ideal girl or dating a lot of women).

Approaching dating as a lifestyle will enable you to get much higher quality women - if you are interested in the best - read on.

Lifestyle Investment vs. Short Term Temporary Fix
Most dating advice teaches us how to take a short term approach to fixing our 'dating lives'. They teach you skills that you can apply in any one situation to maximize your chances of attracting, dating and creating a relationship with any one girl you like.

But in the end, this is all a short term fix. Unless you settle down into a relationship with one of the girls you meet, it requires a constant effort of 'meeting new women'. Investing your efforts in new relationships, that depending on the way you approach it could be very short term. For some guys just one night.

Think about that for a second.

How many hours do you typically invest in meeting a girl? Versus how long that relationship stays in your life - and continues to contribute value to it? Is that a good investment of your time?

The answer is 'no'.

Everyone who has learned dating skills over the long term knows this (all the guys I know that learned them over the last 10 years for example).

To take a financial analogy...

It's like an 'expense' of your time. Never recoverable. Gone forever, and will reap no future rewards.

An investment on the other hand, reaps future value and rewards. It is the only way to 'get rich'.

In the social world, it is similar. You can invest in relationships that contribute to your life by bringing you more relationships and making it easier to meet high quality women and attract them.

You can actually invest less time in the future to get better results. As with the finance world, this is how the most successful people do it.

And this is what Social Circle Game is about.

This product requires you to invest 6 months (reasonable estimate) to build a social circle and lifestyle that brings you more quality friends, other value such as access to good clubs and events, and of course the higher quality women.

It requires sacrifice in the short term as all 'investing' does.

In the finance world we save and spend less to use the money for investment. In this scenario you will forego short term opportunities with women (choose to make them friends instead of girlfriends) for the greater goal of building a social circle asset in your life over the long term.

Advanced Only: 80% Strategy, 20% Tactics
This is the most advanced product we have reviewed to date. It is aimed at guys who don't have difficulty talking to women, attracting them, getting a girlfriend, that have good general social skills and so on. Basically, before you consider this product you should be good with women.

In Braddock's own words from the DVD:
"This whole seminar assumes abundance."

This is where the abundance mentality comes in: You can't be in need of a girlfriend now, or sleeping with a girl now in this program. It has a higher 'longer term' purpose.

If you are looking to date that one girl that you really like, this isn't the product for you. It is a product that aims to help you change your life, and not about changing the 'story' of you with any one girl.

Most of the product is at the strategy end of the equation.

Braddock explains how social circles work, how to build them over time and what the end goals are. While he does discuss some of the biggest issues you may have in social circles (e.g. where a guy is interfering with your efforts, or a girl-relationship goes wrong and you ) at the tactical level - that's to say giving you the practical cues on what to do, how to say it etc. 80% of the content in this DVD program is about strategy.

It's about how you need to approach building a social circle, the goals, and the action plans.

If you don't have the basic social and dating skills already - get them first, then come back here.

Great Teaching - Clear, Simple and Memorable
Being more on the strategic side, this isn't necessarily the easiest subject to teach. But Braddock and Mr. M have obviously spent a lot of time thinking about how to simplify and communicate their ideas and concepts clearly.

From the analogies they use (i.e. Everyone can relate to a the X-Box Halo power bar, branches on trees, and spider webs) to the overall structure of their system it is all clear and to the point.

The foundation of the program is the great structure they have come up with. All strategies near a clear memorable framework, and they have come up with something that is easy to relate to - and isn't 'overwhelming'. They keep the total number of concepts to a minimum, which will help guys to focus on just getting the work done - rather than getting caught up in concepts.

Braddock also brings a good speaking - relaxed - style to the DVDs. Most guys will also find him 'inspiring' as he obviously has a passion for his work. That's a bonus too.

Note: While Mr. M created the Social Circle Mastery program with Braddock, you won't see him on the DVD program - the DVD footage was taken from one of the seminars that Braddock did by himself.

What Could Improve this Program
To make this a 'spectacular' product (our highest rating) it could have added some of the following:
  • - More tactical and situational examples to bring it more to life and facilitate implementation. A big situational example that comes to mind is how to approach clubs more specifically (as they are an important part of the social puzzle) .
  • - What are the end goals that you could pursue? This would be more motivatory (give people more clarity) and just give them a higher level view of where social mastery can take people (very far...).
  • - A bit of time is spent on calibrating to the social circle dynamics, but I felt that more was needed. I've read some other good material from the 'business world' that would have plugged in nicely here to give guys a clear example of when they can take things forward, or when they have to do more work. The 'gaming girls' was well covered, I'm talking about the 'building the social circle' side of the equation.
The All Important Implementation Part
We all know learning these programs is a waste of time unless you implement. The problem with 'strategic' advice in the self development arena is that it is typically harder to implement.

I was glad to see that the last section in this DVD was "Action Plan". Braddock briefly takes you through what you should aim to do over 6 months and what your expectations should be. This was really needed - and could have been expanded upon potentially.

For instance, including questions and answers from the audience would've been a great addition here. As I'm sure that many people in the seminar had useful 'common questions'.

Nonetheless, if you have basic dating skills this isn't too hard to implement - they've kept it simple enough and laid out the steps. It will require an investment of effort.

Additional Material
Towards the end of the program Braddock covers the highlights of phone and text game from his The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game. This is relevant, as building a lifestyle is necessarily going to involve phone game. He sticks to the higher level theory, so while useful, it's more of a taster of the full product.
The Bottom Line
Everyone should improve their lifestyle by applying these theories - not just for the dating benefits. It would be a shame to live a life without having done it.

This is the best of the few programs we've seen that have come out on the subject of building a lifestyle and social circle. Building a dating asset in your life. It's an excellent addition to the world of dating skills, and we're giving it a solid "Editor's Choice" stamp of approval.

Caveat: If you don't already have reasonable dating skills - don't jump on this till you do. You won't be able to implement the strategies without the basic dating skills. The purpose of this program is to take your dating and social life to a much higher level and reduce the investment of time you need to put in over time.

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