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Firstly there are no real world examples in this book. It is unfounded and based on speculation. There is a lot of "my friend said..." or "other people who have..." But there are no testimonials or anything like that.

I will agree that some of the information is valid, but this book is a waste of time really. In the last chapter there is a summary of the whole book in 7 easy guidelines to follow... to which he ripped off another book.

Suggest, buy the other book...

The problem with this book is that it is badly written and he repeats the same point. I sometimes had to make sure i was indeed turning the page, since I had read the same paragraph 4 or 5 times before in different sections of the book.

Mode One is good in theory, but there is no advice on how to introduce yourself in a mode one fashion or provided examples of it working.

In... theory... will attemp my own version of Mode One. Lets see how that goes.
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Written by Author Alan Roger Currie
November 29, 2011
Please do not insinuate that I have 'ripped off' another book, when you cannot prove that with factual information. I wrote the first draft of 'Mode One' in October of 1990 (my brother and close friends can verify that), and that was before I was even exposed to the Internet, and all of the books that are now on the market....

I do not appreciate this sort of indirect slander and libel.

Alan Roger Currie,
Author, "Mode One: Let the Women Know What You're REALLY Thinking"
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