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Date To Win
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"The Book to Get if You are an Absolute from Zero Beginner to Dating Advice"

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The Good
Very mature, very down to earth, very easy to implement - excellent complete newbie dating advice.
The Bad
Very little. Some minor mindset tweaks we disagree with and some content we felt was a little out of place or over emphasized.
The Bottom Line
If you have read other dating advice this is not for you.

It is, however, a 'best in class' start from zero dating book. But it is absolutely best of class for this as the best book a complete newbie to dating advice should get.

If you have heard about the pick up artist or seduction advice stuff, and that sounds creepy to you or just 'not your thing', this is also the right book for you.


I sat down to interview David Wygant just two days ago, and having read his "Date to Win" ebook the night before complimented him on it. Because half way through I was really impressed. Many of our reviews of David's products rate them as good, but having some shortcomings holding them back.

This one stood out above the rest however. I saw as really applicable for someone who wants to take their first steps into dating.

So I was surprised when David replied "Really, I think that's my worst product... I'm working on an update to make it much better." You can hear what else we talked about in the interview here.

As soon as David puts his update out I'll update this review. But here's what I thought about the current version...

Taking You Step by Step Through Your First Steps
What I loved about this ebook is that it takes you 'tiny step' by 'tiny step' into the world of opportunities in dating around you. This book is perfect for someone who has not read dating advice before. Wygant does an excellent job of giving you exercises to show you where you have been going wrong - he lets you discover this for yourself, rather than pushing his own ideas straight into your head like most ebooks do.

This is a very important part of the learning process. The exercises are really simple and well laid out and by the end you will have a much fuller understanding of where you are at in terms of your dating skills, all the opportunities you are leaving on the table - just letting walk by you in 'your life', and how to ease yourself into accessing all of those opportunities.

It doesn't get over-complicated. No matter how basic your understanding of women and dating - this will take you on this trip of self discovery and realization of what your dating world can be like - and should be like.

Everything is so simply and easily explained in this book. It really is a triumph of getting down to the basics - and focusing on the student. Giving him what he needs at each step of his learning process.

Practical Get Out There Process - One Step at a Time
Another strong point of this ebook is the process by which David takes you to start implementing the advice and changing your dating world. The first step eases you into seeing the dating world for what it is - he suggests things, and gives you exercises for the real world so that you learn to see the world he is describing for yourself - and you learn.

Great stuff.

Some of my favorites were his advice on improving your observation abilities, and his lists of places and situations where it is easiest to meet women. All exactly on point. I've met many of my girlfriends in exactly the places he describes - and he gives you the most easily accessible ones, and the ones that are most likely to be within your 'comfort zone' immediately. He couldn't make it easier for you to get started. I love this practical in your comfort zone approach.

Maturity Comes Through in the Advice
David Wygant is in his late 40s. This comes through strongly in the maturity of his advice. You can't say anything about it is gimmicky, short sighted or self destructive in the longer term. It is the exact opposite. It's all healthy stuff that will help you to develop your dating skills, mindsets and dating life in a healthy way for the longer term. We point this out because there are many books that don't have this longer term satisfaction perspective embedded in their advice.

If you are mature yourself, this also means that whereas with some younger dating coach authored advice you may feel it doesn't fit with you - this won't be a problem with this book.

Minor Areas I Think the Book Would be Better Without
These are some minor comments on content that was over emphasized or that we felt was a little out of place. Keep in mind these are actually a very small part of the book.

There is a little bit of a rant about how 'pick up lines' and 'routines' are a really bad way to approach dating. Whilst I pretty much agree with this - there are exceptions, I don't think it needed to be 'ranted' about so much. If you know David Wygant, and have listened to him before, you'll know this is kind of his thing - he's pushing back against a lot of the advice from many other dating gurus that encourages this. However, I feel that many of the guys that buy this probably wouldn't know about the movement for 'pick up lines' so it was an over-emphasis and distraction, although he makes some good points.

A similar issue is that around page 64 he starts giving advice about men who are being overly sexually aggressive with women. The things is, the guys who buy this - we're pretty sure that 'sexual aggressiveness' is far from their issue - in fact it is more likely the opposite, where you are hiding your sexuality and repressing it too much. So we felt that guys buying this wouldn't relate to it or need it. Throughout the book there are some tips on what 'being sexual' with women should be, which is more appropriate. This part, seemed a little out of whack with the spirit of the book.

Another point, is that he makes quite a big thing about checking for details through observation on whether a woman is single before talking to her.

First of all, it doesn't matter. All girls like being talked to, whether single or not. And you will find out later by talking to her - the truth of the matter.

Second of all, this is pretty counter productive for most guys, because it will give them an 'escape excuse' to talk themselves out of talking to a woman because they think she is not single.

So, it's just a bad idea to start down this road. Some guys obviously feel like this is an important detail, and Wygant probably thought that it will help increase their comfort zone and ease them into meeting women in that comfort zone. But in reality, I think this will just make the comfort zone smaller - and hinder success a bit. Not a huge thing - but an important mindset tweak.

Another thing is that

The Bottom Line
If you have read other dating advice this is not for you. It is a start from zero dating book. But it is absolutely best of class for this. I give it a strong recommendation, and it will go straight into our Dating Skills Review's Editors Choice as the best book a complete newbie to dating advice should get.

If you have heard about the pick up artist or seduction advice stuff, and that sounds creepy to you or just 'not your thing', this is also a great book for you. It's extremely down to earth and totally within the comfort zone of everyone. You could show this book to your mother and grandmother and they would nod and say, "This is good stuff. Other guys should read this."

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