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Pandora's Box System
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"A big rip off"

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You pay for the package deal and then they send you to a site which if you loose it you loose everything with no way to get back in or get your money back. Pure rip off. Besides it that weeks and weeks to get the whole package if you even make it to any part of the program. eor a $170 I ended up with a PDF file of AMANS GUIDE TO THE WOMEN MIND part 1 I guess they think that is worth $179. What a rip off and no place to contact them about your problem, no emails telling you paid for the program. Just give away your money as normal for this bunch.
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Written by Ron
July 30, 2011
The fact that they clearly lie to you in their ad by telling you you've been "chosen" as part of a focus group should be warning these guys are not on the level. Too bad because they seem to have an interesting product. Too bad but I guess these slime figured they can make more money by ripping people off. Typical American business mind set!
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