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"Excellent Approach Anxiety Advice and Specific Tips for Pick Up Artist Community Guys"

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The Good
Best in class advice on overcoming approach anxiety, good mindsets, concepts and tips on escalation, easy implementation thanks to clear goals and practical tools with specific tips
The Bad
High price, weaker third and fourth ebooks, narrow philosophy of dating - may not be relevant for you / may limit quality of women in your life, requires prior learning and experience of pick up artist community advice
The Bottom Line
Good for Pick up Artist community guys who are challenged with approach anxiety or escalating physically with women, or interested in a philosophy of quantity, and becoming a player.

If you suffer from Approach Anxiety and it is blocking your progress we strongly recommend getting this product and following its advice to the letter.


This system requires that you have already learned material from the pick up artist/ seduction community. I wouldn't recommend it to a beginner without that background of learning because you will miss out on a lot simply because of the jargon, and the fact that you won't be able to relate to some of the experiences if you haven't been out cold approaching women. It's aimed at guys in the pick up artist community of intermediate or advanced level.
A New Philosophy
This book has a philosophy that goes against a lot of other dating advice. As a result, its advice is also different and sometimes conflicts with generally accepted principals you may have learned. This doesn't make it wrong or bad. In fact, if you like this philosophy and you are motivated by its goals it is likely to work very well for you because it is narrower and simpler.

So what is this philosophy?

This system aims to build a good dating life for you in the most efficient way possible. It does not necessarily help you to attract the best women, but it will help you to meet and attract women without wasting too much time. It doesn't focus on helping you to get any specific woman... in fact it advises completely against this.

Sixty, the author, gives you a mindset of efficiency and not wasting any time in life. The aim is to maximize the results from the time you put in. Rather than putting a lot of time in to get any one girl. If there is a risk of your interactions with a woman not getting the desired result, he tells you to move on, and he explains how and why to do this at each step.

This is a system that will best suit a guy who has a philosophy of playing the numbers or can at least accept that philosophy.. or for a guy who has aspirations to be a player.

If you have used advice from Vin DiCarlo, some of Sixty's principles, have incorporated similar concepts (e.g. sexual tension, building value through physical escalation).

Having said that, let's move to the highlights of this product...

Simple Goals and Tools to Get You There
Overall this system gives you very specific goals to aim for, to give direction to everything you do. In each case these are very effective goals and well thought out.

Sixty has really tried to focus on only that which matters and identify specific things to do so there is no confusion. Only that which will make a big difference to your interactions with women.

The rest of it, he says, is mental masturbation. There is a lot of straight talk throughout the book, and a lot of things that are commonly sought after like phone numbers etc. He pushes you to rethink their value and exactly how they can help you get to your goal with women - quickly.

In most cases he gives you some good tools in the form of practical tips on what to do to get to these goals. These practical tips were best in the first two ebooks (women ignition and fearless relentless escalation), weaker in the third ebook (simply start sex) and near non-existant in the fourth ebook (Relationship Roulette). It's a shame the last two ebooks don't follow the same format, since a lot of the value of this product is in the specific goals and tips.

Excellent Approach Anxiety Fixes
Sixty's first book, Women Ignition, has a lot of content on helping men to get over their approach anxiety. He has put together some mindsets, some practical tips and exercises, and some rules that are very effective.

For a large % of men, Approach Anxiety (AA) is the barrier holding them back from getting more opportunities with women. Ask yourself if this is your issue.

The nature of approach anxiety is that you are not taking action in real life, so in a way, reading a book seems like the wrong way about going to resolve it. However, the little step by little step and incremental approach given in this book is about as easy an approach as possible to get you over it. At the end of the day it's still up to you to take these little steps. It's not going to fix it like a magic wand - but it is the best collection of advice I've seen put together on the topic.

This is also the best part of Sixty's system - it stands out amongst all other dating advice on this subject, so we've given it the Dating Skills Review Editor's Choice award for it. If you apply this advice properly it will work for you.

Weaker Third Ebook - Simply Start Sex
The third book, contains mostly standard pick up artist community commentary, much of which came from Mystery's original work. Nothing that special here.

I found myself skim reading most of it and only stopping when something more interesting popped out. It includes a quick sweep over Sex which is a bit like a highly abbreviated form of the Sex God Method.

One part stood out that included some good insight into the mindset of guys who aren't escalating to sex. If you find yourself always making excuses to not escalate to sex with women - you'll get some value from it.

Relationships Roulette - Interesting, Innovative but Incomplete Section
There are some great ideas on relationships which really require you to look at a completely different perspective on them and their role in your life. You'll have to be open minded to take them in, personally, with everyting I've experienced, I feel myself slowly moving to a similar philosophy but not exactly like Sixty's. His philosophy is extreme - and may not be for everyone.

If you are at an advanced level and interested in pushing to new ways of seeing and dealing with your relationships with women, this will probably give you some interesting ideas. If you aren't at an advanced level, this is just not going to be relevant to you.

When it comes to practical tips in this section, there is not much and I found some of it confusing. If you don't have a background of reading a lot of pick up artist community material, there are many concepts you won't understand and will have to investigate on your own.

Result: The philosophy is clear, but the practical implementation of it isn't.

Appreciated - Truth Talking
There is some very useful direct talk in these ebooks. Sixty talks authentically about some of the issues that men are facing, the emotions that men don't want to acknowledge, and what is really happening to them when they go to bars and clubs.

If you go to bars and clubs a lot, you will certainly be able to relate to a lot of what he says. It's all grounded in reality and tell it like it is and not covered over with any need to sound cool or substantiate his success with women.

Some of this reveals hard truths about the game of dating that should be faced, and others relate the ups and downs of 'the game' that many guys will be able to relate to. He places these into good grounded perspectives.

Why is this good?

It will give you more realistic aims, and support the health of your inner game and confidence. Many guys get caught up with unrealistic expectations and don't understand some of the results they get in real life, since they don't relate to what they read in advice. Where dating gurus relate some of the harsher realities, as in this case, it helps you to connect your own experiences better to the advice - and set more realistic expectations of what you need to do to get the results you want.

OK, But Is this Philosophy For You?
At times in these books I felt that good advice had been thrown away for no reason. Sixty doesn't address social value, logistics or your image for example. They are completely ignored and he even tells you not to consider them. Sometimes this even contradicts his own points a bit, as in some of his lists of things to do he includes things related to these. An effort to market his method as more different than it is from other methods?

It's good that Sixty has simplifyied everything through a narrow philosophy - for some men, this will allow you to unleash your dating abilities. Focus allows you develop much faster, and he has pinpointed two of the biggest barriers with approach anxiety and physical escalation.

But at times he gets a little carried away with the narrowness of the philosophy.

Example: At times Sixty advises you to do away with strategies aimed at dealing with logistics smoothing because they are lame. For instance, just grabbing a girls hand when she is with her friends and pulling her away. Sure, you can do this sometimes. But, it's an unnecessary risk when you can do it more smoothly in a way that her friends are happy with.

For someone at an advanced level, it will pay to keep the broader picture in mind. For someone stuck at an intermediate level, it may pay to forget the broader picture, at least for a while, to get the value out of the simplicity and focus of this dating system.

So, you'll need to consider this for yourself.

Do you need to narrow your focus to get results? Are you getting held back (like the majority of men) by approach anxiety and fear of physical escalation with women?

The Bottom Line
Guys who have already put a lot of time into learning and the field (approaching in bars and clubs) but are held back by approach anxiety or escalating physically with women will get the most out of this product.

If Approach Anxiety is what is holding you back we recommend getting this book. It's best in class on the subject.

If you are in a similar situation but your challenges are broader than approach anxiety and escalating The 4 Elements of Game is likely to be more effective for you.

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