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Guys Guide To Texting
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"Pretty Good Simple Beginners Advice to Get Started with Texting"

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The Good
Some good simple principles to get started, simplicity makes relatively easy to implement, only product with advice on using texting to deepen a relationship after you've slept with her and are developing the relationship
The Bad
Not comprehensive, some areas where advice is 'limiting' and doesn't give you the full story, not very good value for money
The Bottom Line
OK product, but not great. It contains some simple advice for beginners on ways to interact via text and the mindset you need to have towards it.

However, the advice is too basic to provide a full solution to help you completely resolve your challenges with texting.

If texting is something you are getting stuck on and need to handle, you'll want to check out one of the more comprehensive products at the top of our "texting and phoning women advice ranking".


The important parts of this package are the audios which contains 90% of the advice. In the first two audios, you get just under an hour and forty five minutes of him discussing texting. The third audio is half David Wygant, and half Adam (one of Wygant's dating coaches).

It's obvious the product was pretty much improvised. It isn't a product that was thought over for a year, with all the details worked out. As a result it remains pretty general and not so concrete and robust in areas. Each point hasn't been thought out in detail.

Basic Texting Advice
So, the main part of this product is David Wygant talking you through his texting examples and pointing out what are the most important things to do, and not to do through some stereotype illustrations he uses.

What I liked was how he got down to what you should use texting and voicemail for and he lays out some important principles to follow. This was to the point and good advice. Many guys get caught up in using texting and voicemail in other ways that are counter-productive. So he sets things straight, quite repetitively in Wygant style.

He comes back to principles as he takes you through several case studies of text conversations that he and his coach have had after meeting women. While doing this he is constantly talking about where the girl and your relationship with her is at. So, it is an exercise in giving you more insights into how to calibrate your responses to her. All this is pretty useful although there is no specific structure that is given to you to work with - it's more like touchy feely advice and guidelines.

A weakness is that there is little attention given to how the girl may respond differently based on how you got the number, how well you set yourself up for further conversations then, and the first impression you made. Depending on these variables a girl can respond very differently and it requires different approaches - this is discussed only briefly.

Texting While in a Relationship
The most innovative thing about this product was that there is quite a bit of material on texting after having sex with her and meeting up with her. Other products we have reviewed only discuss texting up to the first time you meet after getting her phone number (aka the date).

Texting in this modern age can play a role in developing a relationship and making it more playful and fun, and that is what Wygant talks up.

David Wygant has focused around a third of the material, with one long case study, on texts after the first time you sleep with her. Whilst there isn't a wealth of information, it does give you some broad strokes on how texting can help to smooth the development of a relationship. Good stuff - this kind of practical hands-on material should be added to relationship advice products.

The Underwhelming Explosive Texts
The ebook in the package with 15 explosive texts turns out to be really underwhelming.

It's really three texts reformatted with different verbs and slightly different themes. Most rely on the same structural principle, so this was disappointing. You couldn't actually text the same woman more than two of the texts easily without her seeing the pattern.

In addition, for a sophisticated woman - I personally wouldn't use most of these texts. They are very transparent in the way in which they attempt to get her interested. A more socially savvy woman will just see these texts for what they are. If you have a playful vibe set up between you already, they'll work, but then... any type of playful behavior would. Bottom Line: The texts are ok, but not explosive. There is much better material out there with a broader range of themes and approaches.

The texts in the other ebook "a guys guide to texting"(walked through by Wygant in the second audio) are reasonable, and pretty good for beginners to learn from. There is nothing like seeing actual examples of texts to see how different the attitude is that you have to communicate.

For guys with more experience, at an advanced level, these texts aren't going to help you improve much. They tend to portray a pretty typical attitude - which isn't calibrated very much to the woman or situation. At an advanced level calibration is what you need to work on.

Bonus Audio 3 - Less Useful
This audio was less useful and original than the others.

There were some limiting beliefs and not very good advice embedded in it about how you can deal with women that aren't responding to your texts. In fact, there is a lot more to the bigger picture of why this happens, that simply wasn't part of this product so don't expect to learn much about this theme.

The second part of the audio has David's dating coach, Adam, talking a lot about some basic principles of women. I felt that this got completely off subject. If you have read some basic dating advice about women you probably have this covered. It wasn't about texting or even phoning women, as much as broad generalizations about how to interact with women. Nothing original or innovative here - it was what you will hear in any average dating advice product.

Wygant Style - Good for Beginners
Wygant is a good speaker, and forcefully puts across his points repetitively, which I think is great for beginners who need a kick to get started. His speaking style is very enthusiastic and motivational and he always drums points home.. once.. twice.. three times with examples to make sure you get it. Which will get it drummed into your head. This is also a good thing for beginners, because it takes time to absorb ideas that take you out of your comfort zone. This style is true for all of his products, not just this one.

The Bottom Line
This is an OK product, but not great. It contains some simple advice for beginners on ways to interact via text and the mindset you need to have towards it.

It stands out from other products by discussing texting after you have slept with a girl and how it can play a role in developing the relationship. This is something not found in other products.

Overall, the product's advice is too basic to provide a full solution to help you with texting. This could be fine if you still don't get a lot of phone numbers and just want some advice to get your feet wet. Also, if you find listening to Wygant helps to get you motivated it could be helpful for you.

What would have taken this from good to great?

If texting is something you are getting really stuck on, you'll want to check out a product which looks at it more comprehensively "The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game".

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