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The 4 Elements of Game
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"This ebook is the SHIT!!!!!!!"

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The Good
The good thing about the Ebook is how easy it is to put into use. Other "methods"start trying to complicate thngs by coming up with scientific terms, and confusing the shit outta people, not this ebook. Anyone can spit game and this ebook shows u exactly how. Everything from the words coming out of your mouth to your vibe, Its all covered.
The Bad
Not a damn thing bad. Its all good knowledge... Zack and Rob are the motherfucking truth!!!!
I started out learning some methods and i was way to robotic and i would bag 1 in every 30 girls i was approaching.. And everytime i got shot down i would reread and go over the other methods. Then i seen zack n rob spittin game n it was really natural and i wanted to learne how to do that. I read their ebook and everything just clicked. If your anxiety is getting to you, they got a whole section on manning up called drive. If you run outta stuff to say, they got a whole nother section on that. How to connect with people, how to set up your dates, they cover it all. And on top of that you get a free week of infield footage, Man you cant beat that! I learned a ton from these guys, Now when i go out to club, i actually have fun. Zack n rob have unleashed a monster lol... Thank homies
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