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The 4 Elements of Game
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"To succeed as myself"

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The Good
What I love about this ebook is that it doesn't try to change who and what you are. What is does do is help you figure out exactly what parts of your game are lacking, and gives you the direction needed to fix them.
The Bad
None really. Sometimes I felt like the structure of the book is difficult to follow (wait, what element are we in? how does this fit into the "system"?), but that just might be me and my ADD.
After enjoying Rob's excellent articles on his blog and TSB, I decided to give "The 4 Elements of Game" a shot. I love his style of writing and his advice really hit home.
It's weird but since I started reading pick up material several years ago certain elements of my game have actually gotten worse. My anxiety of approach went up, I got in the habit of saying stupid things thinking it would somehow demonstrate high value (but actually made be come off as a douche) and in general I would lose women at a much higher rate than I used to.
As a result I have lately been trying to forget old PU advice and in attempt to become the "normal cool guy" I used to be and not the weird pick up douche I sometimes felt I've become.
Of course not everything I learned was bad, some of it was actually great and helped me a lot. This is what got me so confused.
"The 4 Elements of Game" is set up in a way that helped me pin point the parts of my game that needed to be worked on, and the parts that I'm naturally good at. It doesn't try to change who I am but instead helps me balance my behavior around women in a way that will lead to my desired results.
Since reading this book I carry a different mindset. I am myself again, and girls like me when I'm myself. Now it's just knowing when and to what extent to show off the different aspects of my personality. "The 4 Elements of Game" is the best guide I've ever read in teaching me just that.
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