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The Way of the Superior Man
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The Good
Loved it; it had incredible insights that blew me away. Despite it's short chapters, it was incredibly dense with insight that took me 2yrs on and off to break down. It revolutionized my views on women and relationships before companies like AMP and others came along with similar advice.
The Bad
There seems to be a debate between advice in the community: Some methods promote the man taking a complete leadership role (being THE MAN in the relationship) while others teach how to get her to do a ton of shit for you (flip the script). This entire book seemed to promote doing EVERYTHING and letting her just be "feminine" (ie no accountability, responsibility etc - that's MAN territory) and let her only job be inspiring you, fucking you well and looking beautiful. I'm on the fence about this personally but I do get irritated when I'm told to just let women get away with doing what would be lazy/shitbag behavior if it they were guys. Oddly enough, this is addressed in the book but all it says is "this will piss you off; sorry, you're a Man and women are irrational" albeit in new-age language.
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