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Routines Manual Vol. II
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"Good Resource for Love Systems or Routines Students"

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The Good
Good collection of effective routines, great explanations of goals that routines need to achieve in each stage of Love Systems model, mostly easily implementable
The Bad
Some routines not relevant to all situations so less widely usable (e.g. non U.S. situations, beginners who have difficulty with complex routines, some only usable with certain girls), a little expensive
The Bottom Line
A reasonable buy for guys who want to get a much clearer picture of what the Love Systems approach is or who like routines and need more good ones. A little pricey at $99.


What is a Routine and When to Use?
A routine is one or more sentences and parts of a verbal conversation or interaction with a woman. Pick up lines are one type of routines aimed at being used when you first approach a woman. However in this manual there are routines for every stage involved in getting romantic with a woman, from first approaching her to the bedroom.

The purpose of a routine is to take the pressure off you to come up with something to say. The idea is that the routines contained in this manual are tried and tested, and are effective. So you don't have to worry about the content. Which enables you to relax more and focus more on the important things when approaching, attracting and seducing women.

Generally beginners to intermediates use pre-scripted routines the most. After this stage guys will either create their own routines, from natural things they have said that worked well when talking to women in the past or they'll completely drop routines and just improvized naturally.

So using other people's routines, such as the routines in this manual from Love Systems' coaches is usually used for 'training wheel' purposes. To get you up and running until you can do it yourself.

Good Buy on its Own
You don't necessarily need to have bought the Magic Bullets Handbook (Love Systems manual describing their approach to meeting and attracting women) to make use of this manual.

There is good information at the start of each section that explains how the routines fit into the Love Systems system and how each stage works. These introductions are enough to give you a good idea on how and when to use the routines. The explanatory information on physical progression was particularly useful.

Your understanding would certainly be improved by reading the Magic Bullets Handbook, but it isn't necessary.

A fair number of routines from Routines Manual I are referenced throughout the book. It kind of assumes you bought the first one. But if you haven't it isn't a show stopper. This manual is still completely usable without the first one.

Breathing Reality into The Love Systems Model
If you have already been studying the Love Systems Model of meeting and attracting women, this manual can help you to relate what you have learned to reality. The routines represent detailed examples of what the dating coaches say and do in all the different situations described in the Love Systems approach. For guys who have already ready the Magic Bullets Handbook and are still struggling in implementation, this manual will be very helpful.

By learning and experimenting in the field with these routines you will get a much better feel for what you are doing. The specific objectives of the routines are given to you, which will help you to know when you should apply them.

An example of where Love Systems did this really well is where they worked 'compliance tests' into the routines and calibrating to the woman. Calibration, understanding the signals from the woman, can be a difficult thing to master for some guys. Some of the routines in this manual will make this really concrete and allow guys to understand exactly when a girl is in one state of mind or another.

Once you have got comfortable with these routines, you should be able to create your own routines, having understood to a finer level of detail what you are trying to accomplish. Or better, once you have mastered these, you may be able to improvise more naturally.

In some areas I'd say the routines were actually just good for teaching you what is appropriate. For example, there were many good examples oif qualification. This will help guys to visualize and see exactly what is meant by qualification. It will help you to see what is necessary and think a long the right lines when qualifying. You should be able to come up with your own qualifications easier on the spot as a result.

But Just How Good are the Routines?
Overall, I'd give the routines a 7 out of 10. The majority of them would achieve their objectives well in my opinion. There were a few that I found dubious which brings that mark down. Many were really good.

The section on Logistical Progression was really really light. There were just two routines. Getting the logistics right is where a lot of guys fail and get a sticking point so I'm surprised it was so light. There was a big opportunity missed here to provide a lot of value with routines to help guys know how to suggest to move places, bounce to a new venue, move the girl back to her place etc.

Some of the best sections were Physical Progression and Indirect Openers. Indirect openers were really well thought out in some cases with subtle indications of positive traits built in to them, so that you would be communicating good things about you and opening the girl at the same time. This is where the sophistication in the routines pays off - because Love Systems has taken the time to embed some subtle positive communication about your character into what are also 'simple' and relatively short routines.

Some guys will find the answers for typical questions routines very helpful. For example, when a girl asks you "Why did you break up?" with your last girlfriend. There could have been much more of this - I'd even say that someone should bring out a "Responses to Typical Questions" routines manual. It would be very useful, particularly since many guys get nervous about some types of questions - so it is a pain spot for them.

Some of the routines in the manual are based off very old lines that have been used in the seduction community for a while. You may have seen some of them before, this is only about 5% of the routines though, and they have innovated on some aspects or improved on them where this is the case.

Criticisms on Relevance of Some Routines
Love Systems can make this manual more valuable to a wider audience by making sure that the routines are more widely applicable. Let me explain.

First, many of the routines are 'american culture' based. I've personally spent a fair amount of time in the U.S., had many american flatmates, studied with Americans and have many American friends. Despite this there were many times when I found myself googling something to understand what it meant. And at other times, whilst I got the general meaning, I could see that it wouldn't 'fly' in the field outside of the U.S.

For a routine to work, a girl has to be able to understand it easily. Especially at early stages when you approach her first, or within the first 10 or so minutes before you start getting more comfortable with each other. Some examples are "sweater swaps", "lightning questions", a reference to jeopardy "I'll take irrelevant shit for a thousand, Alex.", "Hazing" (apparently a pretty common term in college fraternities in U.S.).

So, if you approach non-U.S. originating girls or you live outside the U.S. then some of the routines will need modifying to be effective - they'll need to be aculturized to wherever you are. For some of them it will be easy, others not.

Some of the routines were pretty complex and long. Given that routines are really useful as training wheels, I would have put more straightfroward and simple routines in this manual rather than complex ones. The complexity wasn't necessary, and beginners would get more mileage out of them and find them easier to implement.

Finally, some routines are dependent on the situation and the state of mind of the girl. For example, one routine is for girls that go to the gym to workout. So, you wouldn't be able to use them all the time. This final issue isn't that frequent in the manual, just a few times.

The takeaway: With a little more thought Love Systems could have ensured that all the routines in this manual were a lot more broadly applicable for students.

The Bottom Line
I think this is a reasonable buy for guys who want to get a much clearer picture of what the Love Systems approach really is. For example, if you have read Magic Bullets but still lack clarity in some areas of what you should actually say, this will be useful for you. Also, if you like to use routines, or believe they will help you to get over approach anxiety (using routines often helps) then this will be useful to you.

This isn't a product for advanced guys, it is for beginners or intermediates who like to use routines and want more ideas. I feel it is a bit pricy, unless you are going to use it to get more 'clarity' in your understanding of pick up and / or the Love Systems approach to meeting women.

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