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Pandora's Box System
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"Pandora's Box - Good, but Expensive"

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The Good
The Pandora's Box System is a sound way to approach pickup, and if mastered, you could be extremely effective.
The Bad
Price is misleading and not much content is delivered for the up-front price (an expensive 30+ week membership is required to unlock all content).
Pandora's Box introduces some novel ideas by classifying women into 8 typical personality types, which you can then learn to identify and handle. Although the system is valuable, the delivery fails to execute on a few levels.

Firstly, the price is misleading. Vin promises to deliver the "entire" Pandora's Box system for the up-front offering price, but after purchase I only discovered an explanation of the system and it's 8 types of female personalities. The rest of the "entire" system must be purchased on a weekly basis (billed monthly) for a duration of 32 weeks. Granted, a lot of extra bonus content is delivered during these weeks, but some of it should be made available with the up-front purchase to fulfill the sales promise. He does interviews with each of the personality types, which I believe are valuable extras, but the basic methods for executing the core ideals should be made available from the initial purchase, as offered.

Second, the content delivered with the up-front purchase is piecemeal, and consistently references things you are "going to learn" and tactics they are "going to reveal." The trouble is, you need to pay for many weeks to get these tactics.

Lastly, there is no point of contact for customer service from within the membership area. Someone later pointed out to me that I could just reply to Vin's newsletter, and that would probably work. For example, I wanted to contact their web developer regarding a technical issue. The website forces the topmost video (many videos per page) to automatically begin buffering. If you are in a place where internet is slower, and you have already seen the first video, it kills your load time on any other video while the first one buffers. This is extremely irritating, and nowhere in the membership area does it elicit feedback from the users.

As for the content, the ideas behind Pandora's Box are good and sound. However, you can go buy Keirsey-Bates's book, Please Understand Me, for a fraction of the cost and receive a lot of content on personality types (although they are not discussed in a sexual context). I personally feel the up-front cost should be somewhere around ~$40, as it stands. If they delivered all of the promised content, the $97 would be a good deal, then they could upsell me on the additional interviews and "bonus" material separately!

In conclusion, Pandora's Box System is a pretty valuable tool, and if you mastered it you would be dangerous. However, the marketing strategy it employs really does damage to the customer and to the brand. If you have lots of money, then you might give it a shot. If you don't, then I would steer clear of this one.
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Written by Dylan
August 15, 2010
so how much did it cost u ALL together?
In reply to an earlier comment

Written by Angel Donovan
October 11, 2010
For the full course of 32 weeks with this, you will pay just over $810. You can see the details of the subscription part in Pandora's Box 32 week program
Written by JG
February 24, 2019
This is the main issue with whole program to make up the details and how they think to practicly implement it, you really need the 32 weeks program, STILL, this might be one of the best programs out there if not the best.
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