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The Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction
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"An enthralling read full of great skills"

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The Good
You know deep down inside you have the ability to meet women and get them attracted to you, you also know that if there was a guide to do so you would have it, read it and implement what you have learned. This is a guidebook and you must do what is in the instruction and implement what you learn or you can go back to being frustrated while the other guys get the girl and you go home to your cat. Effective- but alot to learn. Innovativeness- These guys have studied this shit. Value - Book is low cost.
The Bad
The events are written as stories and you can imagine yourself entering the Mansion in Miami and being part of the social experiment. All of the questions that the characters have you may have also had or still do have today. Packaging- cover gets scratched easily, and the inside page binding will break.
This book is very well laid out it is written in a away that is easy to remember. The Grey boxes explain how to do attraction gambits or events to signal interest or disinterest and are more of the "how to" guides. The book is like a soap opera meets a very well scripted how to guide for any guy in just about any situation.

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