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The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game
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"Braddock and Mr.M Did An Amazing Job on the Book"

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I just finished reading the new book, The Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text Game.

Braddock and Mr.M did an amazing job on the book.

The short review,

If you are looking for something to improve your phone and text game, this is all you are ever going to need.

That's 157 pages (cover and index NOT included) of pure content, no fodder.

The long review,

As some reviewers before me have mentioned this e-book will not fix your game overall, (even though it goes surprisingly beyond just phone and text) but focuses just in this part of game, as the title suggests.

It's rare to find such a solid book.

Usually, when I finish a book there are always lingering questions, or perhaps a topic that was not extensive enough, or one that was not explained well enough. This is not the case here.
Every chapter begins with the theory behind it, then is proceeded by some examples and samples you can use, after you have a list of do's and dont's and finally you get a brief summary of the chapter.

The examples are all written in text format, usually between Braddock and a girl and are help full in further explaining the theory presented.

The format and design of the book is similar to the others from Love Systems. You can expect a very stylish design, with an occasional side-text about the subject being discussed in the main text.

The book is also very pedagogic, it's very easy to understand, every topic is very well written and any doubt about how something should be implement is dissipated in the examples bellow.
Community jargon are kept to a minimum.

Content wise, as to be expected from a Love System product it got merit. Just by looking from past interactions it is easy to see that it work!
Even someone completely new to game probably already experienced some of the examples in the e-book, with surprisingly similar results... I certainly did.

You can expect about 80:20 proportion of text:voice.

The concepts in it aren't just restricted to phone and text game, it can be applied to the whole game.

This is not a magic bullet (pun intended :P ) for your game. This is an e-book specialized in just phone and text game, so if your game is lacking somewhere else, this isn't going to fix it, but...

If you are looking for something to improve phone [and text] game, this is all you are ever going to need.
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