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The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game
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"Not The Best Place to Start for the Complete Newbie"

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In my opinion, one of the most notable things that sets Love Systems apart from other companies teaching men to develop this area of their lives is attention to detail, completeness and the sequential nature of their learning strategy.

The model Love Systems use for teaching is so thorough that it really does make it easy for a beginner to start at step 1 and learn, every step of the way, what he may have been doing wrong in the past and then correct those mistakes.

One area of pick up where concrete, logical, detailed step by step instructions were, until now, pretty thin on the ground is text and phone game. Fortunately for us, Braddock and Mr. M have written an incredibly detailed, complete and well organized account of how to perfect this vital part of your dating life.

The book is 162 pages and has 9 Chapters.

The Chapter Titles are:

1. Turning her Phone Number into a Date
2. Basic Concepts in Text and Phone Game
3. First Contact
4. Introduction to Dynamite Theory
5. Strategies for Each Use
6. Further Text and Phone Game Tactics
7. Building Value and Generating Attraction
8. Sexualization
9. Meet Up Strategies

Every chapter has a summary at its end, condensing the core concepts of each chapter into easy-to-rememember bullet-point format.

There is a perfect mix of theory and examples. All the examples are from real phone and text interactions of Love Systems Instructors.

My favourite Chapters are 4 and 5 - the ones that explain the concept of "Dynamite Theory", "fuse length" and how text and phone game should not be a "one size fits all" approach, but instead, should be tailored to each individual woman. How? By evaluating her "fuse length" which surprisingly, is not based on how hot she is but on how high she feels your value is relative to her own.

The shorter her fuse, the more attraction, comfort and investment she has for you - and the less work you'll have to do to get her on a date. The longer the fuse, the less attraction, comfort and investment on her part and therefore the more work you'll have to do.

Chapter 5 gives detailed strategies for dealing with short, medium and long fuses and as always, plenty of real examples, as in Chapter 4, from Mr. M, Braddock, Daxx, Dubbsy and Big Business.

... this book is not the best place to start for the complete newbie. If you're having difficulty starting conversations and if getting numbers is not something you can do reasonably consistently, then you would be better off starting by reading Magic Bullets (which is the foundation for this book) and if possible doing a Bootcamp.

Assuming you have a reasonable level of game though, this book is going to add MASSIVELY to your results. Of that I'm sure.

I honestly believe that because this area of game hasn't been taught like this before (all together, complete, in one place, by masters, as opposed to random threads here and there on forums by people of varying skill level) that it is the "weakest link" for many guys.

The chain is only as strong as its weakest link, which is why I think that investing in this book, studying and applying it, will make more difference to most guy's game, than maybe... any other area of "outer game".
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