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The Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game
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Braddock and Mr. M, two of the most paramount virtuosos in the pick-up community have outdone themselves in their upcoming release of the brand new ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text Game. After having the pleasure of reading this from first to last page, I came away struck by the diligence, attentiveness to detail and hard work that was put into making this come to be. The journey that this will take you on could span from never hearing from a girl again before reading this book to banging her that same night after you’ve read it. It covers every facet that would be related to Phone and Text including investment levels of a girl, power ratios, tempo, frame setting, sexualizing a conversation properly, utilizing false and real barriers, going for the meet up, setting up booty calls and much more. An especially helpful section I found is the in depth instruction given on how to build value within text messages through each of the 8 different attraction triggers which are explained in detail within Magic Bullets. Braddock also introduces his famed fuse theory system which has only recently been seen in his bootcamps and blows the lid off of explaining how to adapt and excel in different text situations you find yourself in. The beauty of texts and even phone calls is that you can take your time preparing what you want to say which leads to one of the best things about the book is that it’s an invaluable encyclopedia that is always there for you to reference when you find yourself stuck.

Contained inside is an expertly done text and phone walkthrough of the emotional progression model that is highly insightful. Also, there is an interactive segment that has you develop your own call back humor skills. A key point that should be mentioned is that everything is so clearly explained so that it is really easy to understand and apply. The realization of certain common mistakes through examples of bad text and phone calls are juxtaposed by a multitude of scripts from various expert PUAs highlighting their own personal text and phone conversations that resulted in getting the girl. These actual real life exchanges are not only an amazing resource to look upon, but also hilariously funny and entertaining too. With that you have the benefit of numerous scenarios having already been tested out by the instructors which saves you the risk of messing up a number which otherwise could have led to a relationship, friends with benefit, booty call or whatever you intended it to lead to. The long hours, days and even months logged of putting together this masterful work shines through brightly. The high degree of quality laid out in these pages sets the bar sky high in this road map of phone and text glory. This exceptional creation has earned my giving it a 10 out of 10. In summation, if I were to announce this finely crafted, decisive guide on Text and Phone Game in one word, that word would be, revolutionary.
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