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Nine Ball
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"What A Ride"

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I've survived 9 ball. What a ride. You really cut to the bone and laid it out on the table for our sake. I cried. I laughed. I popped a boner or two. I was scared. I am now exhausted.

I'll confess that I hated the jlaix persona during the middle chunk because he was such a "game tyrant on a rampage". But as you say, we react negatively towards the things that remind us of the worst parts of ourselves. I was stuck in that dead zone myself and I had to put the book down fearing I'd snap back into that ugly space.

If anybody is concerned about whether or not they can be educated "game"-wise from this... I've found that the more I understand myself, accept myself, and love myself (in a genuinely self confident way - nothing airy fairy) the more "game" becomes a lot of pig latin and I just enjoy being a genuinely cool guy that is attractive just because. This story is like a man's soul laid out on paper, his journey of self actualizing. Completely relevant and if you're a red-blooded man on this planet it will put a lot of things into perspective.
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