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Magic Bullets Handbook
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"The Best and the Most Comprehensive Books Written in this Community"

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Magic Bullets is the best and the most comprehensive books written in this community I've ever seen. It simply includes everything, every detail that you can think of. Like "The Mystery Method - How to get beautiful women in to bed", it gives both the theory and the practice of the act of seduction. It's said to be the latest version of "The Mystery Method - How to get beautiful women in to bed", though it's implied in the introduction part that it's not that mystery method being dealed in the book.
He says that there is not one true method to make the best seduction. He puts six main characteristics that all the pick up artists have in common. he also explains that he's been with the masters for years and played the game very well thanks to mystery method. he confesses he runs the mystery method, which he regards as the gold standard in the community.
on the contrary he claims that what is explained in the book is not totally mystery method. yet it is obviously the mystery method, perhaps a little bit improved or perhaps explained in a simpler daily life language, not much using the complicated jargon instead.
the book is in such a way designed that it goes parallel to the Routines Book. Routines Book actually supports the former one including much more practical activities. Routines Book includes not much theoratical explanation and encourages you to read the Magic Bullets for more detailed theory.
If you read these two books together provided the first read will be Magic Bullets, you can make very well use of these and you can totally change your life. Perhaps inner game is improved better through some other books different than these, yet these two also make you improve your inner game. However, in the forum, it's said to be some other great inner game books existing in the community. But I prefer the products of The Mystery Method Corporation more. At least I prefer first reading the products of The Mystery Method Corporation, then later reading the other products.
The Mystery Method Corporation's products at least their books are the fundamentals.
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