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The Evolution Of Desire
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"An Excellent Introduction into Evolutionary Psychology and Biological Driven Mating Strategies"

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The Good
Rigorous use of research and surveys, covers the majority of mating strategy topics, good introduction into evolutionary psychology and background behind male and female dating behaviors
The Bad
Where surveys are concerned 'some responses' are biased (reported opinions don't reflect true behavior of people)
The Bottom Line
An excellent place for men to start learning about dating - it will vanquish the false assumptions you have made about the dating world - with robust scientific studies.

The book represents the most comprehensive summary of research into evolutionary psychology and does with good narration (not boring or too dense). This book will give you a deep understanding of what is going on behind the dating behaviors of men and women.


This book provides scientific driven insights (based on evolutionary psychology) into such varied themes as why status is important (even where it comes to sexual harassment!), your own motivations for dating and the accumulation of resources, the motivations behind women's actions and so on. It is a comprehensive look at dating behaviors.

Loved the Steadfast Scientific Rigor

I loved the scientific rigor put into this book - there isn't a page that doesn't quote a survey statistic supporting the theories and concepts outlined. With so much information out there that is not trustworthy, this book standouts in the rigor of its approach to the subject of mating, dating and relationships.
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