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Interview Series Vol. 15 On Taking Chances
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"Useful for people who aren't successful or failing enough with women"

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The Good
Motivating examples helping you to see how many risks (opportunities) can be taken, some good discussion of mindsets
The Bad
Not much depth to the discussion (because the theme is relatively basic in itself, not for any shortcoming of instructors)
The Bottom Line
if you AREN'T failing with women and not getting much success with them either, and have learned the basic dating skillsets, then this product will be useful for you.


Ask yourself two questions:

- Are you getting a lot of success with women?

- Are you getting a lot of rejections with women?

If you said "NO" to BOTH of these, then it's in your interest to read on brother...

This product covers some of the basic mindsets that you should have with respect to how you approach and escalate relationships with women.

The premise of the product is that 'not taking enough risks' is one of the most common limiting factors in guys getting more success with women. This is true, and the audio interview provides a pretty good idea of what level of risks you should be taking with women through a combination of principles, mindsets and examples given by the two instructors - Savoy and Brad P.

This product is very much for people who are newer to dating advice, and more importantly who have less experience in approaching and getting success with women.

Overall this is a very basic product, not for intermediate or advanced guys. there is no innovative content here. My only concern with the content was that it didn't go over sufficiently how to gauge or balance taking risks (i.e. not taking it too far in the opposite direction). Another common barrier that guys have with learning to date better is that they do things 'inappropriately' at the wrong time. When they take more risks, they just end up making a bigger mess of things - by doing even more inappropriate things. This product should've pointed that out. Greater social freedom and less social anxiety is necessary to progress your game, but at the same time you have to avoid doing weird things (so make sure you have learned the basic social rules to engaging women from some products like Magic Bullets before you learn this).

The Bottom Line
The guys who will get the most out of this product are those that know they aren't taking as many chances as other guys that are more successful or those that are rarely failing with women (e.g. you aren't getting any rejections, put downs, flakes from girls etc.). That's right, if you AREN'T failing then this product will give you more value. That's because not failing is a sign that you aren't taking the appropriate risks. In a worst case scenario if you aren't failing and you are getting no success - then I'd say this would be a good product for you to see where you are going wrong. For guys that are going out and getting experience with approaching and seducing women but not getting enough success, this product may give you some additional motivation to do what it takes.
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