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Interview Series Vol. 39 Older Men Dating Younger Women
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"Will Go a Long Way to Eliminating this Concern from Your Life"

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The Good
A fairly comprehensive look at attraction and relationships with younger women, some excellent mindsets, very effective, will enable you to avoid issues with younger women
The Bad
Lacks some practical detail on specific tests younger women may give older men, Kisser's slightly weaker contributions
The Bottom Line
If you're an old guy interested in younger women I recommend you get this interview. It is a great product, and will eliminate this concern from your life if applied correctly.


As I'm past my 30s now, this was an interesting product for me to review :-)
Comprehensive Look at Older Man - Younger Woman
This audio covers the subject of older men dating younger women very well. It looks at the mindset you require, situations you may come across, how to modify your approach towards younger women to play to your strengths and avoid your weaknesses. A very practical product.

One of the golden points that was expanded on in this product was a reframe of the relationship between you and the girl:

"The girl has to be mature enough to be with you... not you having to be young enough to be with her."

Areas Needing More Attention
The one area I would've liked to see more content on is testing from women about your age. This is probably the biggest fear of older guys when it comes to approaching younger women.

What if she tells me I'm too old for her? What if she asks me why I'm talking to someone so young as her?

There wasn't enough practical examples on this, it was touched on very lightly and there was discussion around the topic in a non-detailed way. Given how high it is likely to be on most guys 'learning agendas' in this area.

Strength of Input from Instructors
Everything Savoy pointed out and commented on in this audio was 'spot-on'. Great advice. However, there were instances where the input from Kisser was a bit off - slightly random comments that are more relevant to his individual experiences than applicable to the old - young women dynamic specifically. Be aware of this, especially when Savoy comments on what Kisser has just said.
The Bottom Line
If you're an old guy interested in younger women and not sure how to approach it or worried about it I recommend you get this interview. It will change the way any guy without a lot of experience in this area thinks and set him straight on many details. It is a great product, and will eliminate this concern from your life if applied correctly. $40 may sound a lot for an audio of less than an hour, but the content has the ability to really eradicate this concern from you life - that's pretty good value for money in my book.
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Written by J Q
June 26, 2011
LOL, I don't know who writes the "editor's review," but I just turned 40 and don't think "if you're an old guy" in The Bottom Line is particularly deft. ; p

But good summary otherwise, tanks-es.
Written by J Q
June 26, 2011
Oh sorry I also see you're also 40s; so guess i'm showing MY sensitivity, mainly! : p

Thanks for review dude! : )
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