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"My introduction to this stuff"

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It is very easy to understand, and A LOT of information
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Nothing bad about it
This was my introduction to this whole dating advice world, and it's a really good book.

If I had started with Mystery Method I'm not sure I would have continued but this one was just the right balance of GREAT advice that makes you go OH MY GOD but at the same time not too extreme for a newbie to accept. Kind of like what the review said.

I bought a few David De Angelo products after and they were good also, but for the price this is really the best. It's the foundation of everything David talks about in other products also, and also the same principles most other guru talk about. If you read this you'll be 80% done already.

Actually if you don't want to become a "pick up artist", you just want to get a girlfriend a be a better dude with women, this is almost all you need. I know because I bought this for my best friend for his birthday 2 years ago and it changed his life. He doesn't cold approach or anything but he is much better with the girls he meets at work, social circles, etc.
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