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"I strongly recommend RSD for a bootcamp."

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Alexander (RSD)
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January 01, 2008
I went on a RSD bootcamp a few weeks ago in the Gold Coast, and it was a good experience. It is important to remember that the style of RSD is not the same as TMM, so bear this in mind. You won't learn routines, and this is what I liked about the bootcamp. You learn to be yourself. How yourself, can be naturally attractive. Harder, yes. More authentic, most likely. I had Alex as an instructor, and he is a really committed instructor, and tailor made a program for myself. I wanted change a lot deeper than pickup goes, rather relating to core being, and he assisted in this change. He could have given me some routines to get laid, but that wouldn't have made me happy. The hard route is often the best route. Alex (and Saad assisting) ensured that all students accomplished their goals, and went through all efforts for it.

Overall, I strongly recommend RSD for a bootcamp.
Originally posted on the Attraction Forums. Reproduced with permission.
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