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Real Social Dynamics Bootcamp
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"I Finally was a Certifiable Approach Machine"

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Tyler/TD (Owen Cook)
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January 01, 2006
I have myself been bootcamped by TD, and that was the basic format of it. If I recall well, I'd say that he probably did 10-12approaches the entire weekend, but since he pushed me into so many more, it didn't seem like he did many ( I believe I did around 50-70 sets that weekend, if not more).
He made us do a lot of the work. Not a whole lot of material....luckily for me I was very good socially and had a good base. However, I will admit it was still a bit scary doing all these sets that first night. This may or may not be a good thing, depending on the student's skill level and attitude. I didn't have any real knowledge of ASF techniques prior to bootcamp, and I made out ok. I was pure vibing on day 1 pretty much, and more material day 2 & day 3.
As for him, he did well in set...very good frame control and delivery of material. The one set that stood out out of all of them, was this street set he opened 4 am on our last night, while we were just shootin' the sh** on the sidewalk, bootcamp over. It was the most impressive set I've ever seen, really engaging two HB8.5s for like 30-45 minutes, just a stream of storytelling, negs, push/pull, routines, etc. The other student and I were enjoying the show very much, and it was very inspiring. I didn't even want to split the enjoy watching more than winging says a lot!! The girls were smiling and laughing, and we were in essence doing the same as spectators 2 feet away. It was at that moment that I finally got the big demonstration I was promised!
He then gave us a nice wrap up, and talked about a lot of things. If you come in with the right attitude and willing to do the work like a soldier, you will have fun bootcamping with TD (if he still does it). I can't speak about him on his notoriety with the community, but 1 on 1 as a teacher, he was a real cool, down to earth guy. Clearly a big shock to read what I read about him in The Game.
I'm not in position to rate RSD vs. MM vs. PU101, or TD vs. Mystery vs. Sensei, etc etc. But if you're doing a bootcamp for the first time and want to get good at Love Systems Triad).">A1, A2 consistently, it can happen with the *right* RSD team.
I came away very excited after the bootcamp as I finally was a certifiable approach machine, and I was getting attraction often , and hooking a good portion of sets. It was a high that lasted a few days. State was not an issue for me for awhile after I took the bootcamp.
Originally posted on the Attraction Forums. Reproduced with permission.
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