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"Life Changing Experience "

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Amazing! I completed this workshop a little over a month ago and so much has changed in my life.

I had many limiting beliefs prior to the workshop. Towards the end I realized how much power and strength that I had within. Nick and his three amazing assistants made me realize how many unbelievable things that I am capable of. Things that I always dreamed of accomplishing that used to seem so unattainable are now starting to become a reality. I never truly loved and appreciated myself prior to the workshop. After completing the workshop, I experienced a feeling that I never had "self love". I cannot describe how incredible of a feeling this is. I feel so much more comfortable with myself and in every situation.

This workshop focuses on connecting with yourself and others in various ways: platonically, sexually, and romantically. I have experienced a significant improvement in my various forms of connection with others. It has also enhanced my life in every other area which I was not expecting.

I am a much stronger person! Things that used to cause a great amount of fear do not affect me nearly as much. Since the workshop, I have had some great challenges and some disappointing things happen to me. I was able to overcome them with so much more ease that I would have in the past.

Nick is a one of a kind person! The world would be a better place if there were more people like him. It takes a lot for me to respect a person and follow their guidance. From the instant that I connected with Nick I had a tremendous amount of respect for him and was excited to learn from him. He truly cares about your success and becoming the best version of yourself.

I have a new excitement for life that was missing before. I am so excited to have someone that I trust and respect to provide me with support when I encounter some challenges or start getting frustrated with something. I had a call with him several weeks after the workshop and it gave me a tremendous boost. He really means it when he says that he provides lifetime support. Every time that I talk to him, I gain tremendous strength and happiness. I know the best is yet to come and that makes me so ecstatic.

If anyone is reading this and is "on the fence" on whether or not to do this advice is to get off the fence and commit to it. There were five other men that I did the workshop with. I noticed incredible changes in all of them as well. They all came out better men than when they came in. Anyone that is willing to put in the work and be coachable will have an incredible life changing experience. The work is challenging, but the benefits are so worth it.
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