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"Doesn't worth the money "

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I'm just going to post the email I sent to CS and got no reply:

Well, I won't recommend the bootcamp to a friend, and I doubt that I'll ever buy another RSD program after my disappointment from the most premium product of RSD.

On the first night we went "freestyle" which was cool, but considering the fact that we paid 2k to come to this program, it's a waste of a night. I thought that we will get at least an honest review of our approaches the next day, but since we were like 8 people, there wasn't enough time to let everybody talk in detail and really break down our night. You are proud that the bootcamp is 1-3 ratio(3 students for 1 instructor), and I got the impression that it's going to be me with 2 other student with Derek, but apparently it's 3 students per assistant, and to be honest, I think my game is way better than his assistants(at least most of them for sure. I also felt like I can't take their advice seriously after the girls in the club showed way more attraction and attention towards me than them).

I didn't get ANY "whisper-in-the-ear" advice like you show on your bootcamp videos, nor did I see a live demonstration of a "proper approach" so I can take my notes on it. As a matter of fact, it felt like the students opened and hooked the sets, and only then the assistants came in.

Most of the advices I was given were just like "approach this set", "don't give up", "she can go fuck herself", but nothing really customed to me. I could get those advices from my buddies at home.

I came to the bootcamp in order to shed some light on my sticking points, and get better with a higher quality of women, but unfortunately, I don't feel like I got what I paid for. Also, I came for Derek, but the guy let his assistants lead for the first hour of the bootcamp without even being present with the students.

I would mention the positives as well - Derek and his assistants stayed in the venue after the bootcamp hours(although I don't think they had better things to do as they tried to pull as well), and Derek invited us to his talk on Sunday for free. He also said we could email him once a month to see where we are at. Derek's advices, at the beginning of each bootcamp meeting, were very good, however most of them didn't resonate with me and my stickig points.

So to sum things up,I'm a loyal customer of RSD and I bought a lot of digital products, hot seats and live events, all were extremely satisfying. I expected to leave the bootcamp with a feeling of "ok, so my main focus for now is this", but I didn't get it, and although I am a positive dude who never complains, I feel like the bootcamp wasn't worth the money(at least for me and for my level in game).

Thank you for reading.
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