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"Not "pick up" and not trying to be (in the best way)"

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Nick is such a breath of fresh air for anyone who's spent any amount of time in "the community." I'd read his material online for years before ever meeting him in person and I was nervous about how it would go. I paid him what I considered to be a huge compliment when I said "you seem like just a normal, awesome dude." He does not seem like a PUA (nor is he) and instead just seems like an awesome guy you'd want to hang out with (and learn from).

His "method" (if it can be called that) is basically stripping away all the bullshit you've accumulated (from places like the community). He reconnects you with that part of yourself that is real, instead of just the thoughts in your head that derail you. It's for that reason that I put "ease of implementation" as a 3/10. To me, that 3/10 is way better than a 10/10. His work is hard. You can't just memorize some dumb pickup line. Memorizing a line is easy. Truly connecting with yourself and bringing that energy into your experiences with women, that's hard. Note that it is simple - there's not a long list of steps - but simple does not equal easy. You've got to be ready to be really you. Not in some cheesy self-help way, but in an authentic and masculine way.

Over the course of the weekend, one guy confronted the loss of his wife and his re-entry into the dating world. Another broke down into tears and emerged on the other side stronger and more confident for coming face to face with some old held beliefs. I became more comfortable - and even empowered - sharing some of my darker masculine energy with the world, in a respectful way that listens to my partner.

This is not like other material out there and it doesn't try to be. You've likely read the PUA stuff already. You've learned lines and techniques and gimmicky things to get women, but still you're here on this forum looking for more answers. Nick can help you strip away all that useless shit you've learned and reconnect with the awesome dance of a man and woman coming together, in whatever way feels good to them.
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