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"Nick Sparks Live Training... What a load of...."

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Memorable experiences. Nick does mention subtly prior to the event that it is life changing. He seemed pretty confident saying that as well. I was a bit skeptical as you can imagine. Though the weekend spent with Nick and the guys is one I will never forget. I had more fun, learned more about my self, and sent my confidence soaring higher than I would have ever imagined. Within 30 days of the workshop I'm going on dates regularly and having the deepest most intimate connections I've ever had in my life. Girls are unanimously pleasantly surprised with the experiences that we share. I feel I've reached a level in my dating that I've always dreamed up but thought, "oh that must come after the Lamborghini, the six-pack abs, and years of acquiring culture and taste".... As stupid as I knew those thoughts were I had no idea that I could be where I am now with just some mental shifts and practice. Thanks a million Nick, my life is forever changed.
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