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"Very low return for your money"

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You are spending 3000 euro, so better listen carefully - I might save you a lot of money.

I was in a camp with 20 more students. About 5 of them got something from it at all. So basically 75% you will throw your money away. Badboy will blame you for not working hard enough, and you will feel very stupid.

To be fair - some guys got good improvement to their skills. Some but even not the most.

Summer camp is based on insta fucks, with girls in 18-22 age range. You can forget about summer camp if you are 30+, if you are not that good looking, or you're not a party monster or have approach enxiety. If you are young good looking highly motivated have some pickup expirience like to party and look for insta fucks in very harsh settings where you get ignored by at least 95% of the girls this camp is for you. Badboy will tell you great stories and then will say how this place is hard - this place was hard for the past 8 years. You learn nothing here because there is too much guys and not enough girls. The girls are very defensive and will most likelly ALWAYS ignore you. ALL of them.

When you struggle in the camp you are simply ignored, in best case they will tell you continue approaching without any sense in this action, and you can get traumatized by this. Many of the guys got absolutelly nothing from the camp, not even a good conversation, some got 2 conversations after 200 approaches. Dont wait for badboy to return you your money or something, or even aknowledge it was VERY stupid idea to call you to this camp. He got his money from you - this is what he cares about.
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