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I spent the last weekend (Apr 6,7,8 - 2018) with Nick and team in Austin, TX. A city that grew on me with some awesome food, weather (it was snowing in Canada) and friendly people.

The weekend with Nick and team will go down as an unforgettable weekend!! I've broken through soo many personal barriers in the 3 days with Nick, Kelly and Ashley.

This is not just about women, but about human connection and communication.

The first day is just the warm up to get ready for the what is to come on 'Sexy' Saturday. The Saturday just changed everything for me and the other guys. We all opened up and we were all noticing some changes in each other. We got into the deepest levels of human communication. There is so much more to human communication and connection that just what meets the eye.

There were 2 other super awesome guys with me who became my friends. Such an open energy with these guys. I am glad I got to experience the weekend with these guys. It would have been less awesome without these 2 guys. Watching us grow together was special.

Nick is simply superb, his brain and the way he thinks is just phenomenal. That Sunday, Nick spent 5 hours just answering any questions we had, his knowledge mixed with his experience with relationships blew my mind. This man could strike a conversation with almost anybody in any room. He had multiple interaction throughout the weekend with people at bars and he was just a magnet. Once he started talking, people were just drawn to him. He didn't even try, it was all just natural to him.

Ashley, to put it simply in one word "Awesomeeee". She had this awesome energy and her willingness to help the guys was phenomenal. She will probably be among the sweetest person anybody will meet. Ashley will go beyond her comfort zone to help anyone that needs it.

Kelly undoubtedly was my favourite person (I'm sorry Nick!! not that you were any less awesome). She helped me have some of the biggest breakthroughs in my life. I could write books about this women. She saw through people like no one else. She will forever be a special person to me even though we only hung out for 2 days.

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