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"Great Boot Camp"

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I highly recommend Nick Sparks boot camp because he is one of the most genuine guys I know, he cares about your success, he gets to know you personally, and what he has to share is actually really useful. I wasn't sure what to expect when I got to the training. It started off getting to know each other, and some of the women that we would be working with. We did a lot of exercises during the classes that helped us with getting comfortable interacting and appreciating women.

At night, Nick takes you out on the town to practice what you have learned. It is amazing to see the results of Nick's training come to life. It was almost as if the women were coming right towards me. It has only been a couple of months since the training, and I have seen a big turn around. What Nick has to teach is NOT easy, and it is more of a lifestyle change than a few tips and tricks. You have to stay committed afterwards, which is actually the hardest part.

In sum, the training is awesome, and you are guaranteed to meet some cool people along the way. I'm definitely happy with my decision to take Nick's class.
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