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Okay, so I've waited from September until January to write this, because I wanted to be able to give a true statement of how going to Austin for a weekend with Nick would affect my life in the long term. A little background. I'm a 39 year old divorced father of 2, and I live in Sioux Falls, SD. I was in a less than ideal marriage, because for most of my life, I felt as though I didn't have a choice as to what kind of women I had in my life, so I stayed where I thought it was safe. It wasn't. After my divorce, I wanted to find a healthy relationship with an extraordinary woman, and I wanted to be able to enjoy the journey of searching for that person. I wanted to do that by being the most confident and authentic version of myself that I could be. Part of my motivation was for my own happiness, and part of it was to be an example of a confident man for my daughters. I did my homework before deciding to approach Nick, and my reason for choosing to work with him was that I could truly sense that his goals for his students are positive and healthy.

As for the weekend, I really enjoyed it, and feel very fortunate to have met some terrific people. In that, I mean both my fellow students, who are a great group of men, and also Nick and his team of coaches. Everyone involved was intelligent, unique, and brought their own set of insights. The activities we did were eye opening, and the nights out were a lot of fun. I learned a lot about myself, an didn't go home without dancing with and kissing a Texas girl!

After coming home, I had some roadblocks that I actually now see as evidence that Nick's training truly was life changing. You see, I had a couple of bad panic attacks in late October, the second of which landed me in the hospital. A very wise friend of mine told me that the reason for me having this happen was that I had finally realized that I could no longer go through life without showing the real me to the world, and that I was finally strong enough to face that down. I've come to believe that this is true. Since facing that issue, and taking steps to improve my emotional health, I've found that my real personality has truly come out, and Nick's training has had a chance to shine. Nick teaches foundational principles of human connection, and I've found that with these in place, other things fall into place, but without these skills, no amount of style changes, game, or anything else will really allow you to successfully put yourself out there.

So, for results, here's a rundown. I've been able to go through several very successful job interviews at my company that have allowed me to advance in my career, and I know the confidence to do this has a lot to do with my weekend in Austin. As for dating, I've suddenly found myself seemingly able to connect with women who I never dreamed I'd be able to, and that confidence just seems to snowball. As I sit here, I can honestly say that there are at least 8-10 women who want me in their life, and several are actively pursuing me. I've had 2 of them actually offer to have a threesome with me (maybe I should introduce them to each other....). I slept with 2 different women in the same night once. Not at the same time, but I digress! I've currently found a woman that I really like, and have been seeing her, but have found myself noticing women frequently that show signs of interest in me, so I feel able to say that, whenever I do choose to be in a relationship, it will be with a woman that I'm inspired to be with! I can also say that I've done all of this while being honest, and without compromising my integrity. I actually TOLD one of my previous partners about the night I mentioned above, and she then became one of the ones to offer a threesome! What I've found is that authentically connecting with other people, including women, makes you a better and happier person, and that's what I want to share with the world!
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